Is an earache a symptom of covid 19?

As Covid 19 continues to spread across the globe it also has developed some unique symptoms. Some of these symptoms are common and widely known like as Covid 19 spread in the USA in January 2019 US Public Health officials recognized some symptoms like Cough, Fever, and shortening of breathing. But as time passed by and Covid continued to spread rapidly list of symptoms also increased and additionally Fatigue, Sore throat, and Headache also recognized as Covid symptoms.

According to WHO reports hair loss, Memory issues, and heart problems can also be some of the unique and hidden symptoms that Covid is carrying. With all these symptoms there seems to be another painful symptom that came to the scene in the last few days. Another symptom seems to have a connection with Covid. Earaches are a new symptom that is something new in almost all Covid patients, there are reports that Covid patients have Earache, blockage in listening ability.

This can be some sort of ear infection but there are a number of symptoms that ear infection and Covid have in common like Fever, Headache thus still there are no conclusive things by which Health officials can conclude that is earaches are really Covid symptom or not.

Earache is officially known as Otitis media, what is Otitis media? Why does it happen?

These are some questions that everybody wants to know. Otitis media occurs when fluid collects behind the eardrum and this is mostly because of cold and flu and respiratory tract infection that can build fluid or mucus behind the eardrum and it can put pressure on the eardrum and that can result in Earache.

Can Covid 19 cause an Earache?

There is no conclusive evidence that clarifies that Earache can be a symptom of Covid or Covid can produce Earache or what is the possibility of Covid to have such symptoms but still there is much research to be done. According to the available data of the Covid patients hearing problem in Covid patients can be because of secondary inflammation in Nose, nasal cavity, throat.

If you have an Earache does it really means you have Covid positive?

There are a number of factors that can cause Earache including Ear Infection, Ear wax, and also flu, and cold can be one of the factors which can be the reason behind earache. If you are experiencing earache without having some clear symptoms of Covid like Cough, Headache, Sore throat with fever, and shortening of breathing you don’t have to worry.

But on the other hand, if you have earache with some of the clear Covid symptoms like if you have a sore throat or if you have a fever with short breath then you have to be concerned as you can be a potential victim of covid and you have to visit your physician to have some guidance regarding Covid testing and Vaccination to get in time precautions. If you experience dome of these symptoms you should quarantine yourself that will be in the best favor of you and your family.

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