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KIA Crossover and SUV lineup

KIA is a Korean automobile company founded in 1944 with the production of bicycle parts. From that time, it has evolved and partnered with the leading names of the automobile industry. It has risen up again after its downfall due to bankruptcy in 1997 and has never looked back again. KIA Crossover is considered the best among competitors. 

It is now the 2nd leading automobile company in Korea with an outstanding lineup of  KIA Crossover and SUVs.

Difference Between KIA Crossover SUVs

The titles of Kia crossover SUV are often used interchangeably and confusing to people. KIA’s lineup offers six different Crossovers and SUVs, which has led people to wonder about their main difference and which car will suit their needs.

The main difference between Crossover cars and SUVs is their build. 

KIA Crossover

 Crossover cars are based on a unibody structural framework. The crossover structure and outer body are combined into a single assembly, making it lightweight, with more inside space, and giving it car-like vibes.

Kia crossover SUV

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicle is based on a truck framework with a body-on-frame, and it has a rugged underbody for rough terrains. 

KIA’s Lineup includes six dynamic Crossovers and SUVs to choose from.

  1. KIA Soul
  2. KIA Niro
  3. KIA Seltos
  4. KIA Sportage
  5. KIA Sorento
  6. KIA Telluride

All these cars are packed with different impressive interior features that show in their pronounced performance.

Let’s explore their features and performance one by one.

KIA Soul

KIA Crossover2021 Kia Soul

Known for its boxy structure, peculiar appearance, the new and improved version has made the basis for other EVs in line. The fresh appearance has an emphasis on squirting headlights, spacious interior, and a boxy and bulky exterior.

This subcompact SUV has a solid 147 hp with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with 6 speed automatic transmission. With 40% more torque than the previous version, the front-wheel-drive car storms through roads with roaring thunders.

The solidly built car has a flat roofline so, you don’t have to compromise on the interior’s spaciousness. It boasts of a massive cargo volume (rear seats up) of 24.2 cubic feet and 62 cubic feet with rear seats down.

The interior’s aesthetics may be plain but comfortable with a top-notch infotainment system with a 10.25-inch touchscreen, android auto, wireless charging, AC, remote keyless entry. Soul X-line is for rugged off-road adventures with 18-inches wheels to carry the weight of the bulky car.

  • 2.0 Litre with a four-cylinder engine 
  • Fuel economy rating of 25 mpg -city, 31 – highway, 27 – combined.
  • Safety features included, such as to assist control, stability control, six airbags, auto emergency brake.
  • 60/40 rear seat split-folding.

KIA Niro

KIA Crossover
2021 KIA Niro

2021 KIA Niro is a subcompact crossover that combines functionality, performance, and fuel economy. Its spectacular avatar (updated recently) and elevated seating position adds spice to your commute. Niro comes in a hybrid vehicle, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), and EV 9electric vehicle) with new safety and tech attributes, such as Android Auto, Apple Carplay, remote keyless entry.

It’s not that swift and agile behind the wheels, but it has a remarkable rating of fuel economy 52 mpg in the city, 48 mpg on the highway which makes KIA more desirable. The interior cabins are not as roomy as similar-sized vehicles but spacious enough to fit in large loads.

With a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor that gives off a total of 139 HP, it delivers a smooth performance on bumpy roads for a stable driving experience. Although starting acceleration is a bit lazy, the new brake assist and smart cruise control slow down the vehicle while turning sharp corners. 

  •  Hybrid System with 1.6L Four-Cylinder Engine
  • Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission with six-speed
  • New safety features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Stellar fuel-Economy rating (52 mpg -city, 48 mpg – highway, 50 mpg -combined

KIA Seltos

KIA Crossover

KIA Seltos is the newest entry in the KIA lineup – a versatile and subcompact crossover. KIA Seltos is accelerated by a 2.0 liters four-cylinder engine that powers up with 147 horsepower, all of the power sent to the four wheels for crazy acceleration. 

With the combination of affordability and practicality, KIA Seltos emphasizes smooth handling. The small design has impressive features packed in it. The compact size fits between Soul and Sportage. 

The standard safety features it offers to make the vehicle safe for the thrilling youth. The advanced safety features are not included in lower trims and base. 

Despite being small and lightweight, KIA Seltos still offers a roomy and comfy interior with 26.6 cubic feet of cargo room when rear seats are down. With rear seats up, the cargo volume increases to 62.8 cubic feet to accommodate larger baggage.

  • 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine
  • Fuel economy rating of 27 mpg -city, 31 – highway, 29 – combined.
  • Safety features such as traction control system and automatic brakes.
  • Innovative infotainment display 8.0 inches with rear camera and Apple CarPlay.

KIA Sportage

KIA Crossover

KIA’s bestseller and oldest in the lineup, KIA’s proud compact SUV Sportage has come up with a spruced-up exterior and roomy interior. Sportage includes variant models – LX, S, EX, and SX. Most models boast of a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine with 181 horsepower except SX which uses 2.0 liter and pushes 240 hp. It has a forward wheel drive and has the availability of an optional AWD version as well. Being based on the AWD system, it doesn’t have the fuel efficiency like Niro.

Fuel economy ratings vary among models based on AWD and FWD. AWD causes a dip in the rating. 

It has a quick steering and throttle response and gives a swift and smooth ride. It offers smooth car-like handling with roomy interiors with concealed cargo storage. The 2021 new range also offers Nightfall Edition with exclusive features that include stealth mode. 

Powerful safety attributes with rigid construction, traction control, speed control on downhill slopes also make it appropriate for the youth. 

  • Smart power liftgate 
  • Panoramic Sunroof with Power Sunshade
  • Smart Blind Spot collision warning technology
  • All-wheel drive with electronic sensors to allocate power to appropriate wheels.

KIA Sorento

kia crossover suv

KIA Sorento works surprisingly well with huge impressive capabilities and stands out from the crowd. KIA Sorento is a hybrid mid-size crossover with new driver-assist technology. With the availability of five trims, namely LX, S, EX, SX, and SX Prestige, it also has FWD as a standard with an additional option AWD (all-wheel drive). 

Powered with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine, it gives off 281 hp. Only two models LX and S have 191 horsepower. Sorento, the seven-seater SUV, has a generous roomy interior with enough cargo capacity that is compromised by third-row seating. 

Built to bear all-weather and off-road conditions and combined with advanced connective technologies and safety features, it is an ideal choice for families. It speaks of practicality and convenience with stunning looks. The power-rich features cornering and traction and stability control along with blind-spot and collision avoidance assistance are the motivating factors in your buying decision.

  • All-wheel drive with a locking mechanism
  • Torque vectoring cornering control for automatic stability
  • Collision assistance, blind spot detection with 360 degrees surround view.

KIA Telluride

kia crossover suv

One of the best SUVs, KIA Telluride was made to impress and doesn’t come short of its expectations. Like KIA Sorento, it also offers spacious three rows, making it worthy for big families. 

It’s setting the standard for design, comfort, and functionality. The mid-size SUV KIA Telluride is powered by a 3.86 liter and can deliver a whopping horsepower of 291 with its V6 engine. The bold and powerful KIA Telluride also comes in variant trims with differences in features.

It shows a lot of character and has impeccable design features, including 20 inches alloy rims, a glossy chrome exterior. Just like Sportage, it also has a new Nightfall edition. However, the Nightfall’s availability is only limited to top trims and AWD versions. It gains speedy acceleration in just a few seconds. It’s loaded with robust infotainment with 8.0 and 10.25 inches display screens, the former for basic two trims. Along with that, you get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems. Being such a powerful SUV with a booming engine, it’s not one of the best fuel-efficient machines.

KIA Telluride has a comprehensive set of safety features, including driver-assist tech, blind-spot collision, automatic emergency braking.

  • Robust 3.86 Liter V6 engine
  • 262 lb-feet of torque and pushes out 291 Hp
  • Highway Driving Assist (HDA), safe exit assist (SEA), and blind-spot collision avoidance.
  • Towing capacity of 5000 lb.


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