Samsung logo History and Evolution

Today who is not familiar with Samsung Logo. Samsung is one of the biggest technology companies in the universe, producing some excellent products for the betterment of mankind and generating billions of dollars in revenue. 

Samsung Logo meaning and its origin

Samsung wasn’t a technology company at its creation. Let’s just go back in the past and Look at how Samsung Logo looked in the beginning and what was the basic idea behind this. In 1938 initially, it was a food supply company it started with exports of Dried Fish, Rice, and Noodles to neighboring countries.

You know what the Samsung logo looked like back then? 

It was a Black and white logo that looked like a Post stamp having three stars on a white shield and it looked like black stars are shining as the word (SAMSUNG) itself is translated as three stars.

What these stars meant?

There was no clear explanation of three stars in Samsung Logo but the owner of the company explained it as these three stars are his three sons who are going to grow his business.

As time passed by the company started making great achievements and they started to think of broadening the areas of work hence they started Real estate and Insurance businesses under the same company and logo but its fate was something else. Second world war didn’t go easy on South Korea and the Government had to make some decisions. 30 Best companies endowed and lowered taxation and industry development funding and Samsung was one of these 30 companies.

Second Generation of Samsung Logo

In 1980 the launch of colour TV forced Samsung to change its Logo to a more colorful and vivid one as it was the demand of the viewers and Samsung was ready to adopt this change and they decided to change their logo but the theme for new Samsung Logo was the same it had three shining stars in it and same stamp like look but it was more colourful and well designed.

As the world changed too fast with innovation in technology there was very little space for old ideas and Samsung understood that very well. So Samsung further decided to change it logo completely and give it a completely new look.

Third Generation of Samsung Logo

As many 90s kids have seen the Oval Samsung logo in blue color having white alphabets.

What was the meaning of this Samsung Logo?

In this completely new look of Samsung Logo three stars disappeared and an Oval took place of three stars but the connection with universe remind there, Oval symbolises the shape of universe, As we see in this Samsung Logo letter “S” is touching the Oval and in the end letter “G” is also touching the oval this symbolises that Samsung has something for everyone in this universe.And according to the Samsung Guidebook blue colour in the Samsung Logo is because ocean in of blue colour.

Fourth Generation of Samsung Logo

This is the current Generation of Samsung Logo. It has the same colour scheme but a completely different shape with different thinking behind it that is yet to be explained by the company.

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