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Kashmir is located in north India. It is situated in north India. Kashmir trip package has become well-liked by travelers from all across India. Gulmarg, Srinagar, Sonmarg and Pahalgam are among the most beautiful valleys in Kashmir.

Kashmir is accessible via air, road and rail.The closest Airport is Srinagar International airport, which is just 24 kilometers from Srinagar city and Jammu airport is 48 kilometres away from Katra. In the city, you can book a private taxi or an a shared taxi. Srinagar airport is well connected to major cities such as Jammu, Leh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Goa among others. Once arriving in Srinagar you can take advantage of the local transport system. There are numerous direct buses that are available along this route. Between Delhi and Chandigarh you can catch an express bus directly to Kashmir. The nearest station for trains can be found in the town of Jammu Tawi.This is located 330km from Kashmir. There are many trains available, such as Jammu Tawi express, Jammu Tawi express, Jammu Tawi Rajdhani express, Jammu Mail etc from Delhi.

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There are numerous tours available in Kashmir.These packages provide facilities such as accommodation, sightseeing, and many outdoor activities. This Kashmir vacation package an excellent option to spend your time with your loved ones and family.

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Best Time:

It is possible to visit Kashmir all through the all the time. It is possible to make reservations in advance for a lower cost. There are many exciting activities that take place during the summer. From April to July is the best time to go to the lakes close to Sonmarg. Gulmarg is well-known for a variety of activities, including skiing, snowboarding and more. From December through February, you can participate in these activities here. Sonmarg is closed during the winter and in the autumn.

The best time to go this area is during the month between April and August. In this period, you can take part in various activities such as paragliding, rafting hot air balloons and trekking, rafting, etc. Numerous tourists from all over the world visit this area during this time.

From September through November is monsoon season. In monsoon, one can enjoy discounts on tours to Kashmir. In the aftermath of rain, the place appears cleaner and fresh. And in the monsoon time, make sure to carry a raincoat umbrella along with you.

From December through February is the winter time. People from various places are here to enjoy the stunning snowfall. In winter, some locations like Srinagar, Sonmarg and Gulmarg get a lot of snow.

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The destinations On Kashmir Tour Packages:



It is a well-known place for tourists to visit. It is renowned for its the beauty of its valleys, beautiful surroundings and stunning beauty, and also waterways. There are many major tourist attractions like Aru valley Betaab valley Nigeen Lake, Wular lake Dachigam National park, Chatpal, Mughal Gardens(Shalimar bagh), Nishat Bagh and Chasme Shahi. You can also stay the night in a houseboat at Dal lake. Srinagar is an integral element of Kashmir trip packages.

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It is one of the most stunning city within Kashmir. It is located just 8 kilometers away from Kashmir. There you can also enjoy ski activities. Also , the snow-capped temples, peaks are sure to blow your mind. The most popular attractions include Apharwat summit, Alpather lake, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Ningle nallah, Gulmarg golf course, strawberry field, seven springs, etc. From Kashmir you can travel by bus or taxis, or hire cabs to get here.

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Pahalgam is renowned for its stunning panoramas of valleys, temples. A lot of people refer to the area as “small paradise within Kashmir”. Pahalgam is situated 24 km away from Kashmir. The most popular attractions in the area include Aru and Betab valleys, Linder valley, Chandanwari and Kolahoi Glaciers Lolab valley along with Mamleshwar temple. From Kashmir it is possible to take buses or taxis, or hire cabs to reach the valley.

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Another place is part of the vacation package for Kashmir. The stunning green meadows make it the ideal destination for visitors. The main reason for this is camping, silk roads and glaciers. The most popular attractions in this area are the Nilagrad river Zoji La Pass, Vishansar lake Krishnasagar lake Tajiwas glacier Baltal valley. Sonmarg is located 24 kilometers away from Kashmir. From Kashmir it is possible to take buses or taxis, or hire cabs to get here.

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Distance from Pulwama between Pulwama and Srinagar is 40 kms. There are many places to do here, such as Aharbal waterfall Kungwatten, Hurpora, Kounsarnag lake, Asar Sharief Pinjoora. Payer temple, Avantishwar temple etc. The town is awash with lush greenery. Here, you can witness rice cultivation, and here you can also buy the highest quality saffrons.

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Kathua is well-known because it is the home of Sufi’s. The area shares a border to Punjab as well as Himachal Pradesh. It is the largest industrial city in Kashmir. There you can visit landmarks, temples from the past, etc. Kathua is situated 17 km away from Kashmir. The most popular points of interest in the area include Bansal, Sarthal, Chandel, Bani, Panyalag, Duggan, Bani. To reach Kashmir you can get buses or taxis, or hire cabs to reach this.

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