Spiti Valley

An introduction of Spiti Valley and the reasons you should go there It is:


Spiti Valley is the secret paradise of the Himalayas. It is a dream for mountain bikers and high altitude trekkers tourists. A mountain valley in the cold desert that is located high in Himalayas. A scenic area that is not populated that is loved by tourists seeking peace and tranquility. Spiti Valley is a popular tourist destination. Spiti Valley is well-known for its research centers and is a major cultural center for Buddhism.

Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery is one of the spots that can be explored during Spiti Valley excursion. One of the most visited spots in Spiti Valley, Tabo Monastery can be found in Tabo village, on the banks of the Spiti river. The monastery was founded in 996 CE It is among the oldest monasteries operating for a long time since its beginning. It is often referred to as the Ajanta of the Himalayas. The beauty of the monastery’s interior is incomparable. The frescoes that decorate the monastery’s walls will tell you stories that are part of the legendary Buddhist pantheon. The beauty of the monastery’s hall is made more beautiful due to the presence of thanksas and manuscripts, as well as well-preserved statues , and large murals.

Key Monastery

Key Monastery is the next on the list. It is one of the biggest religious monasteries of the valley where visitors can go to observe the religious classes offered to the young lamas. Over 300 monks and lamas get their education in this monastery. The monastery was founded by a Buddhist pupil named Dromton established the monastery in the 11th century. The three-storey monastery is an example of the 14th century monastic architecture. It was emerged as a outcome from Chinese influence.

One of the three floors of the monastery is used as storage for underground One floor is decorated with murals and is known as Tangyur. The floor below is a gorgeously decorated hall that has cells for monks to reside in. It is the Key Monastery also gives you the opportunity to assist handicapped and old age individuals as the Kachen Dugyal memorial old aged handicapped society is located within the monastery’s premises.

Dhankar Monastery

Dhankar Monastery is also one of the tourist attractions within the Spiti Valley. The Monastery’s ancient location is 12,774 feet. over sea level and is situated on top of an rock. So, high, the monastery gives an amazing view of the whole Spiti Valley. It was constructed over a thousand decades ago. It is as 100 of the most threatened landmarks.

If you think that the Monasteries constitute the main draw in the area If I inform you that it’s merely an element of the gorgeous Spiti Valley. There’s a lot more to discover within the valley. A trip up the mountains seem complete until you’ve visited one of the stunning lakes. It is Chandra Taal and Suraj Taal is among the calmest spots within the valley.

Chandra Taal

It is the favourite tourist destination. Chandra Taal means lake of moonlight. The lake’s beauty is enhanced during the summer months when it is brimming with wildflowers and animals. Imagine watching the moon rise over the earth and also being surrounded by the high Himalayan mountains, the crescent-shaped shape that Chandra Taal gives turns the imagination into reality. Spring is the most coveted of seasons, and Chandra Taal lake during spring is like heaven, as the meadows are adorned with wild flowers of all kinds.

Suraj Taal

Suraj Taal is the 3rd largest lake in India. It is located in Spiti Valley is situated at an altitude of 4950 meters over sea level. It is among the most picturesque and beautiful lakes and is situated just beneath Bara Lacha pass. Bara Lacha pass.

It is said that the sky above high peaks have only two colours blue sky and white sky. However, the Spiti Valley is a new way to experience the beauty of the high peak elevations. One of the primary factors that makes Spiti Valley different among other valleys is the wildlife sanctuary. There is a wildlife sanctuary. Pin Valley National Park as well as the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary are located in the valley.

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1992 and covers over 2220.12 square kilometers. It’s a bit light to consider Kibber simply gorgeous. Dry landscapes, meadows covered with vibrant wildflowers, and this all accompanied by peace and tranquility, and a clean surroundings provide visitors with a relaxing experience.

It is located in the Pin Valley Bio reserve was created in 1958 and covers 675 square kilometers. Covered in snow, the unexplored upper reaches and slopes, the parks are an unnatural and secure home of a variety of threatened animals. The snow leopard as well as Siberian Ibex are amongst those species that have a secure habitat within the park. The park also consists with alpine as well as Himalayan cedar(Cedrus Deodara) trees.

The park lets visitors observe birds not normally seen, like snowcocks, chuckar patridges finches, snow patridges and Choughs. A lot of the rare and endangered plants that are medicinal are found inside the Park. The fun isn’t just restricted within the park, but aside from the park Pin Village is also an excellent great place for having amusement. The local archery contest and Sunchock festival are both an event worth watching and provides an enjoyable vibe.

It is Spiti Valley can also be a destination of dreams for motorcyclists. Kunzum La or Kunzum Pass is a destination for those who wish to climb mountains with their friends. The place is called a photographer’s paradise. Kunzum La is a high mountain pass located in Eastern Kunzum range of the Himalayas at 14,931 feet. Its distance from Kunzum as well as Chandra Taal is 15 kms and the rider can enjoy stunning views and landscapes, as well as 360deg views Bara Shigni glacier the 2nd longest glacier in the world. It is the highest motor-able traverse in India and provides a real thrill motorbike drivers.

So , don’t delay packing your bags and be awed by the beauty of heaven on earth: the Spiti Valley.


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