Residential Pest Control in Kitchener

Dos and Don’ts of Residential Pest Control in Kitchener

Pests are annoying creatures to deal with. Nevertheless, they keep infesting homes and workplaces in Kitchener. For the same reason, it is important for homeowners to take preventive measures for pest control in Kitchener. Taking preventive measures can help homeowners keep pests away from their properties. It is perhaps also the best way to evade pests; nonetheless, pests are resilient creatures at the same time. They can still find a way to get into your home. Calling a pest control service, such as Pesticon, is the best action you can take against pests if they infest your property.

In addition, there are correct as well as incorrect measures to deal with pests. We are going to reveal both of them to you shortly.

Residential Pest Control Dos – Correct Ways

Here are the dos of residential pest control:  

Identify the Problem:

If you suspect a pest infestation, the first thing you need to do is to identify pests in your home. Different types of pests can leave different signs in your home if they infest your property. Thus, you should look for the signs of a pest infestation. Besides, common pests in Kitchener are rodents, roaches, ants, wasps, termites, and bedbugs. 

Further, you can identify the pests in your home while looking for their marks. For example, you can identify pests, such as rats and mice, which chew through furniture via their droppings. If you find pests are gnawing through your furniture in the home, you will find their droppings somewhere in the house. Looking for signs of a pest infestation will successfully allow you to confirm the pest infestation.

Determine the Nature of the Pest Infestation:

You should determine the nature of the pest infestation in your home after confirming pests are present on your property. It is important to do so that you can come up with the best plan against pests to eradicate them from your property. Via inspection, you may discover that the problem is serious. For example, you may discover a large ant colony or an army of roaches on your property. These are indications of the severity of a pest infestation, and you should take the right action to tackle the problem.

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Contact Professionals Immediately:

You have no doubt that pests are present on your property. Plus, you are also certain that the pest problem in your home is severe. It is time for you to contact the experts at pest control in Kitchener. You should immediately contact a pest control service. 

Nevertheless, it is also important that you contact a reputable pest control service. It will allow you to successfully deal with the problem. The biggest advantage of counting on professionals for pest control is their knowledge about Kitchener pests. Plus, expert exterminators have state-of-the-art equipment to deal with the pest problem quickly. Further, they will implement the best methods to make sure they exterminate pests from your property for good.

In addition, reputable pest control services also offer a warranty for pest control services they offer. The best exterminators will offer you a 6-month warranty for their pest control services. The warranty assures that professionals will execute pest control for free if pests return to your property within six months after eradication.

Residential Pest Control Don’ts – Incorrect Ways

Here are the don’ts of residential pest control:

Using Too Much Pesticides:

The biggest mistake you can make in eradicating pests from your property is using too much of chemicals. You can use too much of the over-the-counter pest control spray that you may buy from a home improvement store. It can create more problems for you, specifically if you have children and pets in the home. You should also stay away from using toxic pesticides to ensure you do not harm your children and pets while using them. Instead, you should contact a professional to deal with the pest problem for you in a humane manner.

Using the Wrong Products:

You can also use the wrong products for pest control once you find yourself in panic after seeing pests in your home. It cannot only worsen the pest infestation on your property but also put your family at health risk.


Pests are irritating creatures to deal with. Moreover, different types of pests can infest properties in Kitchener. Taking preventive measures is your best bet for pest control in Kitchener. Nevertheless, pests can still find their way to your home if you do not take the right steps. The following are two don’ts of residential pest control that homeowners should remain aware of:

  1. Using Too Much Pesticides
  2. Using the Wrong Products

Further, the following are three dos of residential pest control:

  1. Identify the Problem
  2. Determine the Nature of the Pest Infestation 
  3. Contact Professionals Immediately

Moreover, it is also important that choose a reputable pest control service for pest eradication from your home. It will ensure the successful eradication of pests from your home.

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