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5 Ways of Rat Removal in Vancouver from Your Garden

Rats are among common pests in Vancouver, alongside mice. For the same reason, it is no surprise to find rats in your garden in Vancouver. In addition, getting rid of rats from the garden is important, too, to protect your plants and homes from them. Moreover, using rat poison to get rid of rats from the garden carries risks for the environment as well as your children. Nonetheless, there are still many ways of rat removal in Vancouver from your garden. We are going to share five of them with you in this post.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Rats from Your Garden

The following are five proven ways of rat removal from the garden, according to the experts:

Recruit Owls to Deal with the Rat Problem:

Owls plus other birds of prey are natural rat predators. Moreover, you can attract owls to eliminate rats from your garden while building an owl house in your yard. In addition, it is important to make the house opening large enough for an owl to fit in. However, you should not make the opening too large to avoid large birds from fitting in it. You can place the house on an 8 to 10-foot pole to evade squirrels from moving in. You won’t likely see any signs of rodents in your backyard if you succeed in recruiting the owls.   

Capitalize on Traps:

Using baiting traps can lure and finally kill rats. Besides, many people are already aware of those traps. You can consider using a snap trap to humanely kill rats and eradicate them quickly. Also, ensure you put the trap inside a box or under a milk crate. It will also allow you to prevent hurting other animals, like cats and raccoons. You may use peanut butter as rat bait. It is cheap, fragrant, and effectively attracts rats. 

Nevertheless, you should do experiments like others to find out what works for you the best. For example, you may use fruit jelly as rat bait if you see rats eating from a mulberry tree. 

Use Smoke Bombs:

Smoke bombs can also prove effective against rats. If you find that rats have created burrows in your backyard, smoke bombs are your best bet for rat removal. Typically, rat burrows contain lots of loose soil and a hole at an angle. Also, keep in mind you cannot use smoke bombs if burrows are near a tree, porch, or flammable structure.

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Use Dry Ice:

Use dry ice for rat removal in Vancouver if rat burrows are near a porch or more urban areas. The dry ice releases carbon dioxide to anesthetize and eventually kill rats. It is also an effective and humane method of dealing with rats in your garden. It is also important that you do not use dry ice in pet-inhabited or tightly-enclosed human spaces because dry ice releases carbon dioxide. Further, you should use heavy gloves for handling using the incredibly cold dry ice and prevent your skin from it.

Patrol the Yard:

It is also important that you patrol your yard to prevent rats from invading your garden. Basically, rats will go where the food source is, and your garden has it, too. Furthermore, humans are also responsible for providing rats with the food source, shelter, and water to infest gardens and thrive. Thus, it is important for you not to provide rats with the food source, shelter, and water. It will aid you in preventing rats from infesting your garden.

You should make sure you pick ripe fruits and vegetables from the garden immediately. It is also important to keep bird feeders at the height of at least 48 inches off the ground. Install a baffle on the pole, plus use food blocks to avoid scattering seeds and pre-hulled seeds. Moreover, you should take the responsibility of stewardship in your yard for rat control, with whatever hobbies you like.

These are humane ways of getting rid of rats from your garden. In addition, you should immediately call a reputable pest control service, such as Pesticon, if rats still succeed in infesting your garden. Professionals can eradicate the rat problem from your garden fast. Plus, they can provide you with valuable tips on garden pest control.


Rats are among common pests in Vancouver, and they can also infest your garden for the same reason. Nevertheless, there are various ways to deal with rats without poison in your garden. The following are five proven ways of rat removal in Vancouver from the garden:

  1. Recruit Owls to Deal with the Rat Problem 
  2. Capitalize on Traps
  3. Use Smoke Bombs
  4. Use Dry Ice
  5. Patrol the Yard

If rats still find a way to infest your garden, you should not wait and instantly call a pest control service for rat removal from your garden.

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