ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED promises a differentiated

ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED promises a differentiated experience for the most creative

It is not a Zenbook-branded laptop, but because ASUS gave it an OLED screen, I think it is worth mentioning a bit.

The ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED, is a compelling option for those who work in the field of professional content production.

It distinguishes out from the competition by being the first laptop in the world to have a 16-inch OLED screen with 4K resolution.

It is crucial to determine whether this model can expand on what was first suggested, of course. Since no one is built of iron, it seems sensible that some individuals would desire to play games on a product of this kind.

Is it preferable not to think about it? In this article, let’s learn about the ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED’s key characteristics.

Power, OLED screen, and special details for creatives

There is no question that the ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED is intended for the most creative professionals. This group will undoubtedly profit from a panel that provides the highest level of color fidelity, therefore the mere existence of the OLED screen more than supports their objectives.

To make this performance even better for the most creative users in their projects, the ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED aims to provide various differences in the user experience. One of these differences is the presence of the ASUS Dial, which while not particularly novel (other manufacturers have used the same solution in other products, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel in this regard), is unique within the notebook market because so few other manufacturers make this kind of wager.

A tactile controller called ASUS Dial enables users to more precisely and sensitively alter photo- and video-editing software tools. For instance, changing brushes, enlarging images, swiping across video editing timelines, and other features.

It’s the kind of resource that offers a meaningful improvement in the user experience, and this may persuade editors to spend more money on this kind of product. And ASUS is taking some positive steps in that regard. Innovation in goods is not always necessary, but standing out from the competition is crucial to winning over certain market demographics.

The ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED includes a 12th generation Intel Core i7 CPU, up to 32 GB of RAM, 1 TB of SSD, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics to provide this distinctive experience for creative professionals. To operate with the primary editing program with the full performance the majority of the time, you need reliable and highly comprehensive hardware.

ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED: how much does it cost?

The good news is that the ASUS ZenbookProDuo 15 OLED, which was also unveiled yesterday (22) in Brazil, is a touch more affordable than its creative-focused sibling, the ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED. The bad news is that your credit card will be hit when the blow comes dry.

For those considering purchasing the ASUS ProArtStudiobook 16 OLED, be aware that the recommended retail price is R$ 22,499. And I recognize that anyone considering purchasing this laptop needs to be aware that they are paying for the distinct user experience they want.

Once again, verify that the ASUS Dial is exactly what you need and consider whether the price is reasonable given your requirements.


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