LVT Flooring

LVT Flooring – A Buyer’s Guide

Before installing LVT flooring, you need to know a few things. It is important to consider the installation process, costs, and durability, as well as any maintenance required. Once you have a clear understanding of these, you can proceed to purchase your LVT flooring. This article will help you get started. Also, you will find tips and tricks for LVT installation, so you can avoid any mistakes. Whether you’re looking for a luxury floor covering or a more affordable flooring option, this guide will help you decide.


When it comes to the cost of LVT flooring, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look you want. There are many options and you can even install LVT over a subfloor, which can be an existing floor. However, if the floor is not flat and even, you may need to use cement screed. LVT is also very easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily when spills occur.

The price of LVT flooring depends on the type of installation you want. You can choose a self-installed floor, or hire a contractor. For the most part, the price of installation will vary, from $20 to $36 per square foot. However, if you plan to have a contractor install your floor, make sure to factor in extra fees such as labor costs and taxes. Depending on your state, these costs will vary. In some states, contractors can charge anywhere from $32 per hour to install vinyl.


If you are considering LVT flooring for your home, you may be wondering how durable it is. Well, fortunately, LVT is very durable and stable, and its hard wear layer is very effective in virtually any situation. Moreover, most warranties for LVT flooring will grant it use under commercial conditions. This means that you don’t have to worry about your LVT flooring deteriorating and losing its beauty. If you’re considering LVT flooring for your home, it’s important to consider its durability and upkeep.

LVT is available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Its hardness is superior to that of hardwood and can stay looking like new even when subjected to excessive moisture. This characteristic allows it to be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and supermarket produce areas. Its durability and water resistance make it ideal for commercial environments as well. If you want to ensure its long-term stability, you should invest in a commercial grade LVT floor.


LVT is a relatively simple and fast-installing type of floor. It can be installed over a variety of surfaces, including plywood, OSB, ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, and painted cement. The vinyl underlayment allows LVT to be installed over any surface without the need for a specialized adhesive. The flooring is also referred to as a “floating floor,” which means it will expand and contract differently than a permanently fastened floor. Therefore, it is important to leave a 1/4-inch gap around the perimeter of the room, as well as around floor vents.

Installing LVT is not difficult, and it requires minimal knowledge of construction. However, proper preparation and installation is vital for successful results. LVT is easy to maintain once it’s installed. Proper preparation and care are the keys to a smooth, beautiful floor. Follow these tips for an easy LVT installation. The benefits of LVT flooring are endless. This type of flooring can be installed over existing floors. A professional should be hired to ensure the flooring is installed properly and looks great.


Cleaning your LVT flooring daily is essential. Daily cleaning helps keep grit and dirt from damaging the surface. Moreover, it helps to clean up spills immediately. Later, they can become much harder to remove. Weekly cleaning is also essential. Cleaning the floor using a vacuum cleaner or a beater bar can damage it. Use a mop or a bucket to do the cleaning. Cleaner with an appropriate pH level is recommended.

You can use a neutral cleaner to clean your commercial vinyl tile floor. You can also use an auto scrubber to clean the surface. You should also apply a spray buff on your LVT flooring. Periodic cleaning is essential, but routine maintenance must be done before periodic cleaning. This prevents dirt and grime from being ground into the surface. You can refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guide to learn how to properly clean and maintain your LVT flooring.

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