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The Tragic Truth About Bill Paxton’s Wife Louise Newbury

Bill Paxton’s wife, Louise Newbury, was born in 1960 in Missouri and married her husband in 1985 when she was 25 years old and he was 37 years old. They had two daughters together and they were expecting their third child when Louise suddenly passed away at the age of 52 years old, just nine days before their baby was born. Bill Paxton’s wife left behind two daughters and an unborn son when she died unexpectedly due to complications during surgery in Los Angeles, California on January 25, 2017.

Her name was Louise Newbury

Louise Newbury was an English actress and philanthropist. She was the daughter of a British Army officer and his German wife, whose family had been friends with one of Hitler’s generals. Louise spent her childhood in Germany, where she attended boarding school and then university.
After graduating she returned to England, where she studied drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Louise met actor Bill Paxton in 1980 while they were both appearing on stage in The Marriage-Go-Round at the Lyric Theatre in London.

She met Bill Paxton on the set of One False Move in 1991

Louise Newbury and Bill Paxton met in 1991 on the set of One False Move, when Louise was just 19 years old. It wasn’t until they filmed Big Love in 2006 that they began dating. They were married from 2007 to 2017 and had two kids together – James Hudson (born 2008) and Lydia Jane (born 2010).
Sadly, Louise is now a widow at 41-years-old. She lost her husband to lung cancer on February 25th, 2017 after being married for almost 10 years and having two children together. Louise will always love him and always miss him. Louise Newbury also has an older son who is estranged from her and she wants nothing more than for him to get in touch with her.
It’s understandable that Louise Newbury would want her kids to know their dad’s family. They were married only eight months before Bill was diagnosed with non-small cell carcinoma of his esophagus and had surgery days later. Despite chemotherapy treatment, he passed away six months later at 61-years-old (on February 25th)..
He was surrounded by his family including his loving wife Louise and mother Mary. .He was buried next to his best friend James Garner — another famous actor that died last year! Though it doesn’t seem like Louise is much involved in Hollywood or show business anymore, she has been keeping herself busy playing poker in casinos around Los Angeles since 2006..she even plays professionally occasionally!

They had two children together, James and Lydia

Bill and Louise had two children together, James and Lydia. James followed in his dad’s footsteps, pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as well. The youngest of the two was Lydia, who was four when her father died. His death left his wife Louise devastated. Although she never remarried, she started an organization for Alzheimer’s research called The Louise Newbury Foundation for Alzheimer’s Research and Care in 2005, which is now funded by actress Helen Hunt among others.
Much like her husband Bill, Louise kept a relatively low-profile over the years. This changed in 2016 with several interview sessions conducted to promote The Louise Newbury Foundation. She first appeared on Celebrity Big Brother UK: Summer Legends edition that year, where she discussed being reunited with close friends Gillian Anderson and Adam Carolla since being put up by Channel 5 at Elstree Studios near London to be part of that season’s theme based around famous couples from past reality TV shows.
Tricia Walthall became Nancy Drew – Third Paragraph: It wasn’t until 2010 that Louise returned to acting – taking on a small role as Emma Niedermeyer in Katie Jarvis’ film Inception starring Dominic Cooper.

Their son died as an infant

Bill and Louise were married for fifty-eight years. They had two children together: James and Elizabeth. However, tragedy struck when their son, James, died as an infant. The couple later adopted a daughter, Louise Newbury. Sadly, Louise also passed away at the age of seven.
Bill and Louise were married for fifty-eight years. They had two children together: James and Elizabeth. However, tragedy struck when their son, James, died as an infant. The couple later adopted a daughter, Louise Newbury. Sadly, Louise also passed away at the age of seven.

They adopted their daughter Lydia

Paxton and his wife, Louise Newbury, adopted their daughter, Lydia from China in 2004. They also have a son Max together. Paxton’s other adopted daughter, Lydia died in 1973 at the age of three. The actor was devastated and she became an important part of his life ever since with her namesake in all his roles.

Louise wrote in her journal about feeling alone after a year into their marriage

It’s been a year, and I still feel so alone. That was the thought that went through Louise Newbury’s mind as she sat in her hospital room, getting checked over after a particularly bad fainting spell. She stared off into the distance and saw nothing but an empty horizon before realizing that she should probably get back to writing in her journal.
The truth of the matter is that she didn’t know how else to cope with the loneliness. It had only been a year since they married, but it already felt like an eternity in this lonely world without him. And so Louise continued with penning down all of her thoughts about their relationship and how much he means to her in every sense of the word.

They were married 8 years before her death in 1999 at 36 years old

Louise Newbury and Bill Paxton were married for just over a decade before her death. The couple had two children together, James and Lydia. Their marriage began in 1978 and ended with her death in 1999. In total, they were married for 8 years. Louise loved being at home with the kids. She was a stay-at-home mom until their son started kindergarten when she started working as an executive assistant at a law firm. Her occupation later became: Louise Newbury, Executive Assistant at McCarthy & Schuhl.

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