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Kaari Jaidyn: Ja Morant Daughter, the Light of Daddy’s Life

Ja Morant Daughter will always be Daddy’s little girl no matter how old she gets! She may have kids of her own one day, but she will always be Daddy’s life! Kaari Jaidyn recently celebrated her 80th birthday with her extended family in Syracuse, New York. Her biggest surprise was the appearance of Ja Morant, daughter of one of Ja Morant’s cousins. He surprised her with a gift, singing Happy Birthday to her. She was so touched by his unexpected visit that she began to cry happy tears!

An introduction to your blog

Kaari Jaidyn is a 12-year-old that has grown up with her dad as a professional basketball player. They have not been able to spend as much time together because he’s either traveling or playing an away game. With his hectic schedule, she does not get to see him enough and it can be frustrating. He has taught her about being unapologetically confident in herself which has made her into the Ja Morant daughter you know today!

An introduction to you

Every morning when I wake up, I get to be my father’s Ja Morant Daughter. When I say that to people they sometimes don’t get it. They ask me if he has other children and what my mother is like. The answer to both is yes. He has a son who was born before me and a daughter who is five years younger than me.
My mother was his first girlfriend and we were together for five years before she got pregnant with me when she was 17-years-old. But even though he had kids with other women, every morning when I wake up I am his Ja Morant Daughter and he is Daddy’s Life.

Your family

I have a family of four. My mother and father are still together after 26 years. They are high school sweethearts and got married in college. I am the youngest with three older siblings that live out-of-state. That being said, my family is very close knit and we all know each other on a deep level.
We always make time for one another because life can be very hectic with work, school, etc. My dad always tells me that I’m his little light and it makes me feel so important to him when he says those words to me.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include playing sports, singing and dancing. I enjoy reading and going to church with my family. I am also a Ja Morant daughter and have grown up watching my dad play basketball and coach other players. He is a great role model who always encourages me to do my best in school and be honest. I love being daddy’s life!

Where do you live?

I live in Memphis Tennessee. I like to go outside and play with my friends. I love animals and my favorite animal is a giraffe. My daddy is a firefighter and I want to be a police officer when I grow up. I think that my dad is the best dad ever because he can do so many things.
He helps people, protects people, and loves me very much. I would say that the best thing about him is that he’s not just my dad but he’s also my mommy too! He has been there for me since I was born even though it wasn’t easy.

Can you tell us about school?

School is a big part of my life. I am in first grade and I really like it. I get to learn new things every day and that is what makes me happy. The teachers are nice and they help me with my homework when I need it. Some days are hard but most days are fun because we get to go outside and play on our playground too! Sometimes we have school pictures or field trips.
My favorite field trip was when we went to see animals at the zoo! I learned so much about them and how they live in their natural habitat. It was really cool. I also liked when we went to the museum and saw paintings of famous people. One time our whole class read stories out loud to each other and then got up on stage to perform them for everyone else.
That made me feel so good! We also had a celebration one time called International Day where everybody brought food from their home country which was very interesting for me because there were lots of different cultures represented. All these activities give me more practice with English so now it’s not as hard for me anymore as it used to be before I started going to school

Do you have any pets?

I have three dogs and two cats. They all live with me in my house with my mommy. Mommy lives upstairs in her own room and I live downstairs on the first floor in my own room. My favorite animal is a cat because they are so soft and cuddly. My favorite color is pink because it reminds me of strawberries and cotton candy; both of which make me happy!

How does your mother like spending her time?

My mother is a woman of many talents. She is a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur. Her favorite ways to spend her time are spending time with family and friends and reading. She also loves to cook, exercise and travel

How did your parents meet?

Ja Morant Daughter was introduced to her mother when she was only 2 years old. The previous summer Ja Morant had come back from his first season playing pro ball in Europe to find out he had a daughter who did not know him yet. From that day forward, both Dasha and Ja have loved spending time with each other. Once a year for two weeks, Dasha comes and visits me at my house in Charlotte. When Dasha is here we go to the movies or eat ice cream or just hangout on my porch swing all day!

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