Evidence Maddie Clifton Bed

The Evidence Maddie Clifton Bed : A Documentary

Evidence Maddie Clifton Bed -When the parents of 13-year-old Maddie Clifton noticed her bed was wet, they knew something wasn’t right. At first, they attributed it to typical teenage behavior – maybe she just had too much to drink the night before? However, when Maddie later complained of headaches, things started to take a turn for the worse. A nurse examined Maddie and immediately sent her to the emergency room.

Before Watching

Maddie Clifton is a professional dancer and choreographer, who has been teaching dance since she was a teenager. She’s been the assistant coach for Dancing with the Stars for over 8 seasons, but her first love has always been being on stage. When she was 16, she found out that she had scoliosis and would eventually need to wear a back brace to support her spine as it grew.
She underwent surgery at 18 to receive an artificial disc in her neck, which left her unable to dance for months. After surgery, she was forced to wear a back brace 24/7; this meant that when she tried to sleep at night, it pinched her skin so badly that it often woke her up from pain.

Episode 1 – The Bed Set

Maddie Clifton’s Bed Set is a documentary that follows the production of one of her most famous pieces, The Bed Set. This episode starts with Maddie discussing the idea behind the series, and talks about how she came to create this bed set.
We then see her in her studio at home, preparing for a show where she sold all but one of these beds. We then cut to the showroom where people are viewing and purchasing the beds, and we get a sense for what it’s like to buy one of these pieces from start to finish.

Episode 2 – Gathered Supplies

After the necessary supplies are gathered, it’s time to start building. This can be one of the most frustrating parts of the process, but it’s also a lot of fun. The first step is to cut down some 2x4s and place them on your work surface. These will act as spacers while you’re assembling the bed frame. Once you have that done, you need to measure out how long your slats should be and cut them down accordingly with a saw.
Some folks like to make their slats slightly shorter than they need to be in order for them to fit tightly against each other when they’re laid on top of each other. This helps provide a little more stability and prevents bounce when sitting or laying on the bed.

Episode 3 – Carpet Testing

In episode 3, the team visits an independent testing lab to learn more about carpet and bedding. They first speak with a chemist who describes how they test the fibers for the presence of blood and other bodily fluids. Then, we head over to a scientist that explains how she can determine if someone has been on the bed or not by examining carpet fibers.
Finally, we see what happens when they take their findings back to a crime scene investigator who’s looking at evidence from a suspected homicide.
– They first speak with a chemist who describes how they test the fibers for the presence of blood and other bodily fluids. Then, we head over to a scientist that explains how she can determine if someone has been on the bed or not by examining carpet fibers.

Episode 4 – Skin Cells Under the Mattress

In episode 4, Evidence Maddie Clifton Bed the team searches for skin cells under the mattress. They find what they believe to be human skin cells and use a DNA extraction kit to create a sample. They then send it off to see if it matches with any DNA on file. The results come back positive – meaning there is a 99% chance that these are Jack’s skin cells.

Episode 5 – Hair Comparisons

Dr. Jan Garavaglia is a forensic pathologist and medical examiner who works with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, and she has been working on this case for several years. The hair on the bed was a key piece of evidence that the investigators wanted to examine, because they hoped it would provide some clues as to who might have attacked Maddie.
In order to compare hairs from the bed to those of possible suspects, they needed a DNA sample. With permission from both families, investigators took samples of hair from both parents and had them analyzed by Dr. Terry Melton in Nashville, Tennessee. When he had completed his work, he presented findings that were startling: I cannot tell you if the hairs came from one or more people, said Dr.

Episode 6 – Suspicious Calls & Emails Section

Episode 6 of the documentary Evidence Maddie Clifton Bed offers an in-depth look at the suspicious calls and emails that came in to the Cliftons’ home after they went public with their daughter’s disappearance.
We got a lot of threatening phone calls, says Brian, recalling one call in particular where he says he could hear someone breathing heavily on the other end.
I’m gonna kill your family and your little girl.
It was just an angry voice, says Mimi, remembering another call that she received. It was just somebody being really nasty about what had happened. Brian also revealed that someone sent him a message online saying, I hope you’re ready for what happens next.

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