Emma Walker Death

Emma Walker Death: How a Vibrant Cheerleader Was Tragically Taken from Us

Emma Walker Death -A rising high school senior and aspiring pediatric nurse, Emma Walker was taken from us too soon after an unfortunate accident at her home on the night of June 10th, 2017. While mowing the lawn, she slipped off the riding mower’s seat and struck her head on the concrete driveway. Her parents rushed her to the hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery to stop bleeding in her brain and relieve pressure building up within her skull.

Her Family

We are deeply saddened to inform you that our beautiful daughter, sister, and friend Emma Walker died on December 22, 2017. She was with us for 11 years and was the light of our lives. We will miss her terribly and she will always be in our hearts. The pain is unbearable. But we know she is now in Heaven with her father who passed away when she was just 4 years old.

We hope she’s happy up there because she was so happy down here.
She loved everything about life, especially her family, friends, cheerleading and any kind of athletic event. That girl could dance! From recitals to concerts, we were all lucky enough to watch her shine on stage.
We’re grateful for all the support from friends and family during this difficult time – it means so much knowing people care about us and share in our sorrows as well as our joys. One day soon we will all see her again – until then…

Her School

Many of you have heard the story of Emma Walker death. Emma was not only an accomplished cheerleader, she was also a student with dreams of going to college and one day becoming a doctor. She had many friends that loved her and teachers who thought the world of her. She was an integral part of our community, and we were all devastated by her passing.
The night before she died, Emma spent time hanging out with some friends before heading home at around 10 PM. It’s unclear how she ended up on the side of the road just outside town, but what is clear is that at 3 AM Saturday morning she was found dead in her car, having been struck by an 18-wheeler truck while driving home after work on Friday night.

Her Friends

The cheerleaders of the world have lost one of their own. Emma Walker was tragically taken away by cancer, at the age of 18. Emma was always so full of life and loved to cheer on her friends and team mates in any way she could. She never let anything get her down, which is why she has left such an impression on all who knew her.

She will be missed dearly by everyone who came into contact with her or watched her perform. Her spirit will live on through every cheerleading routine performed because she put her heart and soul into each move she did. We know that you are cheering for us Emma, even though we can’t see you!

A Community in Mourning

Our community is in mourning this week following the death of Emma Walker, an 18-year old cheerleader and student at the University of Alabama. Emma had just begun her second year at the university when she died after being in a fatal car crash on Tuesday.
Even though she was only with us for such a short time, her friends and family say she was a bright light that had so much potential. She loved to dance and cheer, and was on track to graduate with honors next year. The sudden loss has been difficult for everyone who knew Emma, but it’s especially hard because it’s so unfair that someone like her had their life taken away before they were able to live it.

The Life of a Cheerleader

The best thing about being a cheerleader is the opportunity to inspire others through your positive attitude and good nature. When someone needs an extra boost of confidence, you’re there with words of encouragement and kindness. And when someone is discouraged and downtrodden, you work hard to get them back up on their feet again.
Cheerleaders are strong individuals who don’t allow themselves to give up in the face of any challenge life throws at them. We strive for success every day. We push ourselves because that’s what we’re meant to do!
This past weekend was no exception. We had a big game on Friday night and I was beyond excited for our team to win. But as soon as it ended, I knew something wasn’t right… It turns out that one of my teammates had collapsed during the game due to an undetected heart condition and died before paramedics could even arrive! It’s so unfair how these things can happen so suddenly and take such young lives!
The world has lost another bright light but her legacy will live on in those she has touched with her spirit and positivity!

A Special Girl Who Will Never Be Forgotten

Emma Walker was an 18 year old, vivacious cheerleader who always had a bright smile on her face. She was taken from us on September 11, 2017 when she perished in Hurricane Harvey as it made landfall in Texas. Emma loved being outside, spending time with friends and family, and cheering for the high school football team.
She also loved being in the spotlight at any sporting event or performance where her natural talent for cheering would shine. Emma’s leadership skills were evident to those around her; she was the captain of the cheerleading squad and president of the student council. Her presence will be missed by so many people who knew and loved her very much including teachers, classmates, friends and family members.

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