Amtrak train with 243 passengers crashes into a dump truck in Missouri

Amtrak, a passenger rail carrier, said that a train derailed in Missouri, injuring a number of people.

The train, according to the firm, hit a dump truck at a public crossing close to Mendon at around 1:42 CT.
According to early reports, there are about 243 passengers on board, according to business representatives. Customers are currently receiving assistance from local authorities, and Amtrak resources have been sent to help.

According to a hospital spokesperson, three patients are currently being transported to University Hospital in Columbia. Unknown are the patients’ conditions.
Robert Nightingale, a passenger in a sleeper car, claimed that everything seemed to be moving slowly. He claimed to have been dozing off when he heard something.

“Everything transpired in slow motion. It began to flicker, then rock, and then all of a sudden, all of this dust was coming in my window “CNN was informed by Nightingale, a native of Taos, New Mexico.

According to him, his cabin was on the side of the train that overturned.
Nightingale, who was unharmed, claimed that he was unable to open the window due to the dirt blocking it, so he climbed into the corridor with his rucksack. Then he entered a nearby room, where he managed to find a method to exit and climb onto the side of the train.

He claimed that some people assisted others in getting to the ground so that he and other others could walk to the front of the train. He claimed that the vehicle appeared to be filled with large rocks.
He claimed that it “struck something substantial” in order to make every car erupt.

About 100 miles northeast of Kansas City is Mendon. The train was making its way between Los Angeles and Chicago.

Amtrak advised travelers to phone or text 1-800-USA-RAIL if they needed information about the train right away.

This was the second time in two days that an Amtrak train collided with a passenger car. On a train that struck a car on Sunday in a remote part of California, there were 85 passengers on board. According to officials, three people died and two others had serious injuries. The officials also said that all of the casualties were inside the car.

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