North Face Puffer Jacket

North Face Puffer Jacket

Keep Warm and Dry With a North Face Puffer Jacket

north face puffer jacket

One of the best ways to keep warm this winter is with a North Face Puffer Jacket. Whether you’re heading to a ski resort, the snow-capped Alps, or the chilly streets of Paris, a puffer jacket can help keep you warm and dry. Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston have been known to sport their North Face puffer jackets during the Noughties. Now, influencers are grabbing their puffer jackets, too, and they sell out fast.

Nuptse puffer jacket

The Nuptse is a puffed up, color blocked jacket that has become a popular winter streetwear staple. It follows the resurgence of 1990s street style and meets the growing appetite for performance outdoor clothing and outerwear. The jacket was designed with input from US Marine Corps and mountaineers and has since become a staple in the New York streetwear scene.

The Nuptse is made of nylon ripstop fabric with goose down fill. The jacket features a packable hood and is adorned with the brand logo. It’s heavy for a down jacket, but its comfort and style make it worth the extra heft.

The Nuptse puffer jacket is remarkably warm, but it doesn’t specify the fill weight. It’s sized small, with a narrow cut around the hips and an internal stash pocket. The jacket also features a hood, with two adjustment toggles. The hood isn’t insulated but can be tightened to retain heat.

The Nuptse is best styled with muted, primary colors. This style also works well with baggy, straight or slightly slimmer bottoms. This jacket is often worn by Virgil Abloh, but Supreme’s ties to streetwear may have played a part in his wearing it. Other prominent streetwear designers have collaborated with The North Face on collaborations, including Junya Watanabe and Chitose Abe of Sacai.


DryVent(tm) fabric is a fully seam-sealed fabric used for the construction of high-performance technical garments. This fabric is lightweight, packable and extremely durable. It also offers superior breathability and comfort. This fabric is great for both hot and cold weather.

The North Face uses this special coating in its outdoor jackets and trousers. It has a special technology that uses a polyurethane film that prevents water from penetrating into the fabric. This coating is also waterproof and breathable, which keeps you warm and dry. Other waterproof fabrics feel like plastic, but DryVent fabric lets moisture escape and is more comfortable.

Aside from its durability, a DryVent North Face puffer jacket is lightweight and packable. Its stretch woven face fabric is thicker and more durable than 50D nylon and polyester. It’s also more abrasion resistant than the latter. It also has a solid stretch-knit backer that protects the waterproof membrane.

Down insulation

A down jacket is an excellent choice for cold weather. Down has a natural durability and is less likely to lose loft when wet. However, down jackets are susceptible to tearing thin shell fabric, which can lead to loss of down quickly and a reduction in down loft. A DWR treatment is an effective way to prolong the life of a down jacket, but it’s not foolproof. The treatment wears out over time, so make sure you clean it regularly.

The fill power of a down jacket or coat is another important factor. The higher the fill power, the warmer the jacket will be. Fortunately, most down jackets and coats are sold with different fill powers. The fill power is determined by measuring the volume of down in a graduated cylinder, so the higher the number, the better.

Another benefit of down jackets is that they are more compressible than synthetic jackets. This compressibility allows a down jacket to be stored more compactly. For example, a down jacket can be packed down into a smaller space than a water bottle. This is another factor that makes down jackets ideal for outdoor activities. In addition to their compressibility, down jackets are also more durable than synthetic materials.

If you want to use your down jacket in the dryer, you can “fluff it up” by using a front-loading dryer and setting the temperature low enough to prevent the down from melting. Another helpful way to make your down jacket fluffier is to use a tennis ball to lift up the flat insulation.

Durability of North Face Puffer Jacket

When purchasing a puffer jacket, consider durability as one of the most important features. A durable puffer will keep you warm and dry in extreme temperatures. To maximize durability, look for a jacket that uses a down-proof material. The North Face uses a down-proof material called DryVent which is windproof, breathable, and waterproof. You can choose from a three or two-layer fabric. The three-layer fabric is more durable, and is also better able to keep sweat off your body. The 2.5-layer fabric is designed to be lightweight and durable.

The North Face has long been a leader in making puffer jackets. They’ve even teamed up with some of the most popular designers to keep their product line fresh and fashionable. Though this may not be an important factor for everyone, some people prefer wearing clothing that was made in collaboration with a designer.

The X-Alps Jacket from the brand has a thick ripstop nylon shell and protective overlays. It also has a waist adjustment and pull cords inside the handwarmer pockets. This is a highly technical piece of gear and costs PS155 at Webtogs.

The North Face jackets are very durable and will last for at least five years. The brand offers a Lifetime Warranty and uses special fabrics. The North Face jackets are also made from recycled materials, so you can be sure your jacket will last for many years. The company even works with different designers every year to keep their products fresh.

The North Face Summit Series was designed with athletes in mind. The Summit Series features down insulation that is high in loft and has Fuseform construction. These jackets are also durable and can be packed down compactly. They also feature detachable faux fur trim and built-in neck gaiters.


A puffer jacket is a very practical piece of outerwear. Although the style is typically masculine and tailored, it is also available for women. This jacket has a retro, rugged look, and is a great choice for colder weather. Puffer jackets are available in a variety of colors.

A puffer jacket’s most coveted feature is its ability to keep its wearer warm. Originally designed for the winter months, the Nuptse jacket was designed with 700-fill down to keep its wearer warm. The down is then packed into baffles to keep it from falling to the bottom of the jacket. The Nuptse jacket sits on the higher end of the fill power scale, which measures how well down traps air. It is a fantastic choice for cold weather and has become one of the most popular outerwear pieces in recent years.

The North Face has a long history of designing fashionable puffer jackets. They have collaborated with fashion houses and celebrities such as Gucci to create a special capsule collection. In their new capsule collection, The North Face teamed up with the French fashion house for a limited-edition monogrammed puffer. The jacket features a series of images of climbers, graffiti artists and the eccentric designer Alessando Michele.

Unlike most other puffer jackets, The North Face jackets fit true to size. The clothing is crafted to fit you perfectly and to prevent cold air from seeping in. In addition, the brand also sells a line of stylish jackets for the fashion-conscious crowd.

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