Kim McGuire Passes Away at 60

Kim McGuire

Kim McGuire is an American lawyer, author, and former actress. She starred in John Waters’ 1990 film “Cry-Baby” as Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski. McGuire went on to work as a lawyer and later published a book about her experience after Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, she passed away from complications caused by pneumonia. We’ll remember her for her memorable character.

Kim McGuire played Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski in John Waters’ 1990 film “Cry-Baby”

Kim McGuire, who played the role of Hatchet-Face in the acclaimed 1990 horror film “Cry-Baby,” has died at age 60. She was a native of Louisiana who rose to fame after the film’s release. In the role, her facial features were exaggerated. In the years after, McGuire went on to work in law and pursued a career in television.

The movie starred Kim McGuire as Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski, the lead character in John Waters’ semi-autobiographical comedy-drama. Kim McGuire was a native of New Orleans and had attended law school before turning to acting full-time in the mid-1980s. In the movie, Hatchet-Face is a member of a group of gang members headed by “Cry-Baby” Walker. Although it wasn’t a commercial success, Cry-Baby inspired a Broadway musical, which garnered four Tony nominations.

After the release of “Cry-Baby,” McGuire appeared in several other movies, including Disturbed and Acting on Impulse. She later became a licensed attorney in California and Nevada and was published as a writer. She was one of the most sought-after female actors in Hollywood.

Following her role in “Cry-Baby,” Kim McGuire worked sporadically for the rest of the decade. Her television appearances included episodes of Dream On, New York Undercover, and On the Air. In the mid-1990s, McGuire appeared in television shows and a comedy titled Serial Mom. She also wrote several novels.

Though Waters’ films are an acquired taste, “Cry-Baby” is an affable romp with good performances and great music. Despite its obvious parody of ’50s teen rebel movies, “Cry-Baby” features a great cast of supporting characters.

After acting in movies such as John Waters’ “Cry-Baby,” McGuire moved to Naples, Fla. Her home in Biloxi was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, so she and her husband decided to rebuild their lives. They eventually settled in Naples, Florida, where she became an author.

McGuire was a lawyer after Hurricane Katrina

A New Orleans native, Kim McGuire lost her home and most of her possessions during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She went on to become an appellate and entertainment lawyer and specialized in family law. After Hurricane Katrina, McGuire and Piotrowsky moved to Florida and settled in a home in Biloxi. Although she had never thought of becoming a lawyer, McGuire decided to become one after Hurricane Katrina.

The lawyer, mother, and wife of a New Orleans man, died on September 14. The 60-year-old actress became ill earlier this week and was admitted to a Florida hospital with pneumonia. The treatment she received did not help her condition and she died on Wednesday. Kim McGuire was born in New Orleans in 1955 and had initially wanted to be a lawyer like her father. She attended the University of New Orleans and Loyola School of Law. Her first film role was Hatchet-Face in the 1990 movie “Cry-Baby”. She also starred in On Air, Serial Mom, and Zork: Nemesis.

Although she was best known for her role in the John Waters film Cry-Baby, she was also an attorney. Although she was an actress, she also worked as a lawyer. She portrayed Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski on the 1990 comedy musical Cry-Baby. After the katrina, she relocated to Naples, Florida.

After Hurricane Katrina, McGuire continued to work in the entertainment industry and passed the bar exams in multiple states. She worked with writers in Hollywood and worked in entertainment law. Her passion was children’s protection. She had a special affinity for children and worked with Victor Vieth to create the Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center in Winona, Minnesota. If you want to learn more about Kim McGuire, she’s your woman.

She Kim McGuire wrote a book about her experiences after Hurricane Katrina

Author Kim McGuire has written two books about her experiences after Hurricane Katrina. “After Katrina, I decided to go back to school and earn my law degree,” she wrote in her book, The Storm of My Life. After Hurricane Katrina, McGuire lost everything she had owned, including her home. Despite the devastating experience, McGuire is still in good shape and still wants to be in shape.

She was born in 1955 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Kim McGuire attended the University of New Orleans, where she studied theater and dance. She was inspired by Katrina and continued to work with victims of the storm in her law practice. Her book details the tribulations she and her family faced after the storm. And while she continued to help the Katrina victims, Kim was a constant source of hope and inspiration for other women.

She and her husband, Gene Piotrowsky, moved to Naples, Florida in 2016. After the storm, McGuire was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. When she did not respond to treatment, doctors were unable to help her. Sadly, Kim passed away a day later of cardiac arrest. Her husband, Gene, and her friends mourned her death. They had been married for ten years and were living in Naples for the past two years.

After Katrina, Kim McGuire struggled with her acting career. While Cry-Baby was a box office failure, it soon earned McGuire cult status and was eventually made into a Broadway musical. The show opened in the Marquis Theater in 2008 and ran for 68 performances. It was nominated for Best Musical, Book, and Score.

The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans community. McGuire was a lawyer before she started her writing career. She had already acted in several television shows, including Cry-Baby, in which she played Hatchet-Face. Kim McGuire was also an actress in the 1990 John Waters comedy musical Cry-Baby. She had written her book “Hurricane: A Memoir of a Woman’s Survival

Kim McGuire died of complications from pneumonia

Kim McGuire was a television actress who appeared in the ABC sitcom On the Air, created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. She later became an attorney, and was known for writing several books on children’s issues. After her husband died from pneumonia in 2005, she went back to New Orleans and remarried. Sadly, her home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Her death has left a hole in the heart of the New Orleans entertainment scene, and she was deeply missed by her family.

In an emotional statement, her husband revealed the cause of death. Kim McGuire, 60, died of complications caused by pneumonia. Her husband confirmed that the actor died of complications from pneumonia. The actor played the teenage gang member Mona Malnorowski in the John Waters film Cry-Baby. She was also the star of the upcoming TV show Serial Mom, which she co-wrote with her husband.

A short while after McGuire’s death, the actress continued to appear in films. Her appearance in “Acting on Impulse” was an uncredited cameo, and she also appeared in the TV movie Serial Mom. She also starred in two off-beat television series: HBO’s Dream On, which followed strange characters in odd scenarios. David Lynch’s short-lived On the Air was also a highlight of her career.

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