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The 2022 Essential Facebook Updates

The 2022 Essential Facebook Updates

Social media platforms are constantly trying to improve their platforms. They are continually working on something new. These updates are more frequently tremendous and loved by many, but they can also cause outrage. For example, when Facebook redesigned its interface. Note: Followers on Instagram

You must keep up with new releases if you want your competitors to catch up. Facebook, with its regular updates, understands this well. We will present all the essential Facebook updates for December and what to expect from Facebook Updates 2022.

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What are the Facebook Updates for November, December, and 2022?

The exciting year 2022 is coming to an abrupt end. The past year was filled with challenges that drove digital transformation forward rapidly.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are constantly improving and updating themselves with new features and innovations. Let’s look at all the Facebook features and innovations released in December and November and see what updates Facebook has planned for 2022.

Facebook Updates: November Updates

  1. Facebook – Shops Discounted Feature

Facebook announced a new discounting feature to all Facebook businesses with a Facebook update. If you own a Shops account on Facebook, you can offer your customers discounts and special deals. Promo codes, carry-on sales, and automatic discounts can all be created for orders. The values and arrangements can be applied to specific categories or the entire store. You can easily set up discounts by going to the Facebook Commerce Manager. After you are done, add a banner to let your customers know.

  1. Facebook Messenger – Vanish Mode

This Facebook update will make it so that messages you have written disappear once you are done with the chat room. You can also send responses and GIFS. The Vanish mode is only for one-on-1 chats. It’s not mandatory to be connected via Messenger or Instagram. You can also send a Facebook update to the other party by taking a screenshot of the chat.

  1. Gaming on Facebook

Facebook recently launched new games as part of its Facebook update. They also added a new destination. It is located on the right side of your Facebook app. On the browser, it’s on the left. These cloud-streamed games can be accessed from the Gaming tab or the News Feed. These games can be played on your smartphone or with a keyboard and mouse on a computer. These are just a few of the games included in this package:

  • PGA TOUR Golf Shootout
  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • WWE SuperCard
  • Adventure
  1. Finding Videos On Facebook Watch

Sometimes, watching videos on Facebook can feel like a journey through a maze. Don’t worry. We can now easily search for Watch videos according to your preferences. You can follow Topics on this social media platform, and your preferences will be used to personalize your feed. You can choose many topics such as Beauty, Crafts, and Cooking.

Facebook Updates: December Updates

  1. Collab – Make your music

After launching an invite-only beta in May, Facebook made the music-making app Collab available to U.S. users. After the December Facebook update, connecting with your friends to create short musical videos is possible. You can combine up to three clips. Users can post music videos they make to their public feed.

Other users can also view and make their music collaboratively from their accounts. This in-app tool syncs everything to avoid lags and timing issues. You can make music with strangers, too! 

You can add music to recordings using your keyboard, guitar, or electric drum kit. Now it’s time for the whole family to come together for a jam session. Users can then export their videos to Instagram Stories or Feeds. It’s time to form a band with friends!

  1. More for Businesses – A new CRM tool

Facebook purchased Customer, a CRM tool. They wanted to make it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers and manage them. The app uses AI to collect customer management processes. This reduces costs and improves customer experience.

You can view multiple conversations from different channels on a single dashboard. This will enable you to automate answers to frequently asked questions. This Facebook update, which includes Shops integration and other updates, is an additional step in complementing Facebook’s focus on business and retail.

  1. Privacy and personalized advertising

Facebook published a summary of their privacy protection and personalized advertisement approach in their news. Facebook highlighted personalized advertising as one of its signature features. This feature allows users to discover new brands or products. It also helps small businesses compete. Small businesses can reach potential customers without spending much money on advertising.

This raises the question of whether online advertising can affect your privacy. Facebook launched tools to explain how personalized ads work as part of their Facebook update. You can learn more by going to Ad Preferences to control which ads you want to see and which you wish to hide.

This Facebook update is also helpful if you need to know which apps and websites Facebook sends information about your online activities. If you wish to delete this information, you can go to Off Facebook Activity. If you don’t want to receive ads for a hairdryer, this will prevent you from receiving them.

  1. Global economic system

It isn’t over yet. Its effects on the global economic system will likely last for many years. Research suggests that the pandemic could cause losses of around 80 trillion dollars to the global economy. A Facebook update in December launched four datasets that could help with economic recovery.

These were: Business Activity Trends and Economic Insights; Commuting Zones; Future of Business. These datasets can help us identify the areas that need support the most as countries struggle to predict how and when their economies might recover. For more information, visit Facebook Newsroom.

Redesign of Facebook

The new design received mixed reviews, just like every Facebook update. It was loved by some users, while others didn’t like it. It is here to stay. The new design focuses on the two main activities users do daily: Events and Groups. When planning your strategy for 2022, remember to include organizing events and posting to groups.

Reduction of 20% in Image Rule for Facebook Ads

Facebook changed this criterion in 2022 as part of its update. Facebook encourages advertisers to include less text in images, as they have found that this helps ads perform better.

Using Hashtags On Facebook?

Facebook began testing tag listings in September 2020 within the post composer. As Instagram and Facebook have become closer than ever before. Facebook 2022, and most likely beyond!

In conclusion

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other apps are part of our daily lives. This platform is a must-have in any marketing plan. The average American spends more than half an hour per day on Facebook. Like any social media platform, Facebook will keep improving its business features.

We need to be ready for frequent Facebook updates. You should take advantage of these updates and plan your social media strategy for 2022. Good luck!



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