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How To Spot Fake Instagram Influencers?

Spot Fake Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is a growing field, and it is easy to (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) see how beneficial it could be for your company. Collaboration with influencers who promote your product can help you reach thousands of people. How do you choose the right influencer? How can you spot fake influencers? More info

Calculate their engagement rates

Could you take a look at how engaged they are? This is one of your best ways to see if an influencer is worth your time. The engagement rate is the sum of all engagement received by an Instagram account, including comments and likes and the number of followers. This can be calculated for one or multiple posts (the latest 3,5,10 posts) or all.

A good engagement calculator can be found online. I prefer Triberr. You can also do this manually. Although it will take time, you will be able to get the most exact numbers you desire.

You might, for example, want to look at and calculate the 15 most recent posts of an influencer rather than the entire content. You don’t need to care about comments or likes made more than a year ago. This formula will calculate the engagement rate for an Instagram account.

The percentage should be the result. Here’s the industry standard:

It is essential to find someone who has a high engagement rate. But that is just one way to begin the list of potential influencers. Influencers can beat the Instagram algorithm by joining a POD.

Analyze the community

There are many ways to cheat the algorithm. Some influencers use these opportunities for fake engagement. They join a POD.

A POD is a group of 15 people in the same niche who must interact with one another whenever a member posts something to their feed.

The interaction involves liking the post and leaving genuine comments, which aren’t bots. The problem with PODs is their popularity among influencers and the fact that many people use them. Please spend some time analyzing their followers and paying attention to comments on recent posts.

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It would help if you went through as many profiles as possible. This will allow you to meet their community. These are the people to whom you will be promoting your products.

If multiple accounts are commenting on the posts of the same person, look at their profile and search for comments by your potential influencer. There is something wrong if they comment on all the photos.

Does that mean all the comments are from the same person using the same POD, or is that not true?

That would be insane

You will start seeing the same people returning every day once you have started growing your community. Some of them will comment on each of your photos.

You might even wish to establish a friendship with the person and comment on their photos. It is unlikely that an influencer will comment on every single one of these photos.

Before adding an influencer to your network, please spend some time researching their audience. You want to ensure that you target the right audience and choose the right person.

Analyze their profiles

For a few days, follow their profile and check their account. Keep an eye out for changes in followers’ behavior. You should also pay attention to the performance of their uploaded posts. You might notice an increase in comments and likes in a short time frame. This could indicate that they may be using bots.

These are Googleable

You can search Google to see if the influencer is trying to scam you. A good Instagram influencer should have a lot of photos online and a link at least to one other Social Media platform. This could be Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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It could even be LinkedIn. A good influencer will have a large following on Facebook or Pinterest. This is a sign that they are most likely to be legitimate.

Verify the content’s quality

Instagram is a visual platform, and high-quality content is the best way to get there. It would be best to be suspicious of influencers who post low-quality videos and pictures. Another thing to consider is why would you associate your brand with someone who posts poor content?

Ask them for their insight

Always ask them for their analytics before agreeing to collaborate. This will provide you with more information about their account and demographics.

This will allow you to see how many people your product might reach. These photos can be edited. You can do things if you’re talking to an influencer via Instagram DMs. Please wait for the influencer to log on and then request their insights.

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Your product will appear in one of their posts, and you’d like to see how many people they reach with each post. If they don’t immediately send you the screenshot, you might have a problem.

Social tools can be used to analyze profiles

You can use various tools to analyze influencers’ profiles instead of you. You can, for example, use tools to determine how many fake followers an account has. While most of these services are expensive, IG Audit is free and can provide the same answer.

The tools I have used to identify fake followers or likes have not always yielded accurate results. You have the best chance of succeeding if you do all the research.

Before you choose influencers to promote your products, ensure you have all these things. You won’t see great results if you work with a fake celebrity. You won’t see much more Instagram followers and reach.


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