Know Here How you Change your Modular Kitchen Look with Wolf Appliances

The configurations of the modular kitchen are innovative and ensure that every space is utilized efficiently and properly. A kitchen is a space where all the meals are prepared and anyone working in the kitchen should enjoy working. Many reports suggest that homeowners spend most of their time in the kitchen and are frequently using space. So having a modular kitchen with the right appliances is important. 

Change your modular kitchen look with wolf appliances. The sink, hob, refrigerator, and appliances are the most continually accessed areas in the kitchen. So setting them correctly enables you to use the space efficiently and avoid blocking the space. This blog mentions insightful tips to design a modular kitchen and how you can change the look with sub-zero appliances.

Discover Top 3 Things to Consider When Designing a Modular Kitchen

If you are planning to redesign or design your modular kitchen, then we suggest you implement the below top 3 insightful tips that will help you design an efficient modular kitchen.

  • Plan the Layout 

Counting on the size of the kitchen, select a U-shaped, L-shaped, or straight layout that ensures efficient workflow. It is suggested to implement the golden triangle rule so the sink, refrigerator, and the hob become the central point of the kitchen and the distance is not too far.

  • Select the Right Kitchen Appliances

Make sure that you pick top-notch and right kitchen appliances that can be easily integrated within the layout selected. Picking high-quality kitchen appliances that work properly is essential and should match your requirements. Another thing to keep in mind is to have the required plug points for all the appliances. 

  • Optimise Storage

Another tip to consider while designing the modular kitchen is to optimise storage. Examine the storage requirements of the kitchen and consider different-sized cabinets and drawers for storing utensils, pots, spices, cutlery, electronic appliances and more. Select a panty unit for storing dry kitchen items. Enhance the vertical storage by expanding the height of the overhead cabinets until the ceiling tier.
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Find Out How to Change your Modular Kitchen Look with Wolf Appliances

Change or improve the look with Wolf appliances as they offer a wide range of exclusive and premium appliances that not only improves the efficiency of your modular kitchen but enhances the appearance of the kitchen space:

  • Subzero Refrigerator

Subzero refrigerators have gained popularity for their durability, functionality, and appearance. Due to its top-notch quality, it has become an indicator of extravagance. After years of research, it is well-designed and incorporates a dual compressor set-up and a patented vacuum door seal system. This subzero refrigerator keeps the temperature and humidity in two separate compartments, functioning as two distinct cooling systems alongside.

Another major difference you will notice between the sub-zero fridge and a normal fridge is consolidated refrigeration. There are countless options that you can get for your kitchen, but getting a fridge that has improved functionality and aesthetic visual appeal will change the look of your modular kitchen. Getting a sub-zero fridge that has integrated coolers and drawers is the right pick to change or improve the look of your modular kitchen.

  • Wolf Microwave

Wolf microwaves circulate heat uniformly with no cold or hot spots. It uses 900 watts of power to prepare meals with lip-smacking outcomes. The users can choose from 10 power levels, from a sensor cooking mode to a warming mode. You can count on quick-start handling for tasks such as defrosting, softening, melting and more. You can solely rely on the Wolf microwave to do the cooking with an intuitive option. The users can also select install or freestanding to conform with other Wolf appliances such as warming drawers and built-in ovens.

  • Wolf Burner Module

Everything tastes more satisfactory with the Wolf burner. The Wolf burner module offers its users the right amount of additional grill space for side dishes, sauces, heating bread or buns or more. It has adequate power with a rating of 25,000 Btu. The stainless steel burner grates offer more heat for consistent grilling. It is also equipped with an LED-lit control knob that is quite useful for night-time grilling. It is built with heavy-duty stainless steel and has a side burner that is perfect to use in the outdoor kitchen.

Designing a kitchen area and selecting the right home appliances can seem like a challenging task, however, it can be a hassle-free process with the right guidance. Connect with Subzero to ensure your modular kitchen look improves and you develop a kitchen space that has improved functionality. They facilitate their clients with a top-notch range of wolf appliances to match the diverse requirements of their clients. After years of research, they focus on user-friendly space using state-of-art technology.

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