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You’ve probably read hundreds of blogs on Chardham Yatra.It’s extremely boring to observe that nearly everything across all blogs is explained in various ways.But,here,you will find something interesting to read.Hence,this blog entitled “Interesting facts about Chardham Yatra” is sure to not disappoint you down.Here,I have included some fascinating details about Chardham that the majority of people don’t know.So,read this blog carefully, and you’ll be surprised.But,before going on with this blog, it is important to know the basic background of Cha Dham Yatra.So,here the introduction.


Chardham Yatra has its own endless significance among Hindus.Hindu,having grown in age,and after fulfilling all family responsibilities,He chooses to spend the rest of his life in devotion to the Lord,so that he can get rid of the yoni chakra.Chardham Yatra is one way of doing this,and therefore very important for Hindus.Meaning of Chardham.The four abode of the Lord,and Yatra means “to travel”.Hence,Char Dham Yatra has a combined importance The journey that takes you to the presence of the Almighty God, where all your sins are forgiven, where your soul melds with the Supreme Brahman, and where youextricate yourself from the circle of life.Death”.According to Hindu mythology,there are four such places.Where the gods reside at all times.That’s why we call these places as Dhams.

The four locations listed are:

KEDARNATH:- In Kedarnath we are worshippers of Shambhu.The site is located situated in Uttarakhand.

BADRINATH:Badrinath is the sacred divine realm of the supreme Lord Vishnu.The location is Uttarakhand.

Yamunotri: This is where we revere Yamuna Devi.She can be as clean as Ganges river.Yamuna Devi is the daughter of Yama, the god of death, the god of justice “Saturn” and the supreme ruler over all planets,”Surya”.This is the reason for the origin for the River Yamuna.It is located at 329 meters in altitude in Garhwal.The Himalayas are located approximately 30 km to the north of Uttarkashi. It is the seat of the Uttarkashi district, which is located in Uttarkashi district in the Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

GANGOTRI: This is in which the sacred River Ganges originates.According according to Hindu mythology, the Ganges is the very first holy river to flow from heaven, however the dedication of King Bhagirath brought him down to earth.According to the sacred gods of our religion, the Ganges amazingly provides the water with the ability to cure many illnesses, and in the same time, you’ll be able to get rid of all of your sins.This location is located located in Uttarakhand and lies on the banks of the Bhagirathi river.Now,it has come time for you to discover some interesting and undiscovered details regarding Char Dham.

5 interesting and UNKNOWN Facts about Chardham: This isn’t as well known as some very fascinating facts regarding Chardham Yatra.This is quite shocking.But,it is true as per our many older books.All these books make the existence of Lord Badri.What is happening today, and the place we are today.According to the myth, many years back the Rajas of Garhwal moved the location in Badri Teerth to that place.where we find the temple today.Actually,Adi Guru Shankaracharya was the one who discovered the first temple.The initial temple was situated within Garuda caves. Garuda caves.According according to myth, the idol that was originally worshipped by Lord Badri, discovered in the 8th century, had vanished entirely on it’s own.Later,Saint Ramanujacharya re-established the idol in the cave, however, this time too the idol disappeared.Later in the 16th century, The Rajas of Garhwal constructed the temple and began to study an idol there.Hence,before the establishment of the temple, people would devote their worship to Lord Badri within Garuda cave. Garuda cave.

YOU CAN’T BLOW THE CONCH IN BADRINATH:-You are strictly not allowed to blow conch in Badrinath.Even you cannot carry conch shell with you.If you carry a conch shell,the temple authorities will not allow you to enter the temple at any cost.By the way,conch shell is very auspicious for every worship.But Badrinath is the only place where conch shell is not auspicious.There is an interesting story behind it.According to Hindu mythology,the conch is the abode of the demon Vatapi.And if one blows a conch shell in Badrinath,the demon can come out of it and spread evil forces everywhere.Also,according to the belief,it is the place of meditation for Lord Vishnu,and blowing the conch can distract him.Therefore blowing of conch is prohibited there.

BADRINATH was released to SHIVA In addition, there is a fascinating information about Badrinath.According to the various gods we worship, both Shiva and Vishnu desired this location to meditate, however Vishnu assumed the form of an infant and began crying.As the result, both Shiva and Parvati were taken to Kedarnath.

THE KEDARNATH TAMPLE HAS LIFE,AND ABLE TO PROTECT ITSELF:-Uttarakhand has faced many natural calamities.No matter how strong the calamities are,but the Kedarnath temple is always safe.Even the severe floods in 2013 could not damage this temple anyway.It has always been a subject of research for scientists.But,science can never be so efficient at solving the mysteries created by God.According to the belief,the temple has some amazing divine power,And so it is able to defend itself.The pillars of this temple are of pure gold and the technology used in it is very modern.Therefore,it is a matter of pride that we Indians have used such advanced technology even millions of years ago.


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