Not Getting Your Promised Internet WIFI Speed

Why You Are Not Getting Your Promised Internet WIFI Speed.

It’s conceivable that there is an issue within your house if you believe that why you are not getting your promised Internet WIFI speed.  (or as you anticipated when you signed up for broadband service at your home).

Make sure everything is okay inside your home before complaining to the service provider about the slowness of your WiFi. Even to substantiate and strengthen the complaint further.

Despite all the advancements in WiFi network protocols and technology, several things may impact how well this connection works. We’ll show you where to look out for and what you can do to fix the issue in this article.

Find out if your WiFi speed is what you hired

We must first presume that your house has a strong internet signal and that the range of this signal on the device that will establish the connection is strong. Otherwise, there is an issue.

The router speeds are always theoretical, with the findings based on experiments carried out under ideal circumstances. Something that is visibly absent from your house or workplace.

The 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are where router output signals are produced. The first has a wider signal range, whereas the second performs better. Therefore, always use the 5 GHz connection if you want the fastest internet speed available.

The 2.4 GHz band supposedly offers a maximum speed of 600 Mbps to highlight this speed disparity. The maximum speed for 5 GHz networks is 1,300 Mbps. Depending on the internet package you have chosen, this speed will change.

Wireless internet rates may significantly increase when WiFi 6 capability is enabled on the router. The software cannot update this component, thus you will need to buy more equipment to spread the wireless internet signal, either out of your own pocket or through the service provider. You can also use network monitoring softwares to check out your actual WiFi speed.

The technology built inside the gadget you’re using is another element in this equation. Wireless internet speed will be noticeably higher if your smartphone supports WiFi 6.


It is much simpler to assess if the wireless internet speed in your house is compatible with the amount that was agreed upon by contract with your service provider when all the factors discussed in this piece are taken into account.

There is no way to boost your wireless internet speed if the equipment in your house does not comply with all the technical standards. Of course, you may attempt some of the options that we’ve previously discussed in past blog entries, the most important of which is where you put your router in your house.

However, if even after paying attention to every aspect you are not getting your promised Internet WIFI speed, the wireless internet speed is much lower than anticipated, there is no other option except to complain to the provider of the service to your house and request repair or a preventative step.

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