How UKG API Can Streamline HR Processes and Boost Efficiency

Managing HR processes like tracking time and attendance, monitoring performance metrics, and processing payroll can be complex and time-consuming. HR teams rely on solutions to simplify and automate these operations.

Data integration is a crucial component in streamlining these operations. However, creating custom middleware and synchronizing data requires time and effort that could divert resources from more strategic projects.

Customized Time Capture

UKG API allows for easier integration with third-party apps. It decreases the manual data entry between HR apps, enabling teams to focus on more strategic tasks that grow businesses. Automating data integration can eliminate time-consuming tasks like manually passing documents between departments or re-entering the same information into multiple screens in different applications.

UKG’s customizable employee file management system, document manager, helps HR managers manage files and organize essential documents in one place. The system provides easy access to employee information and documents while allowing for secure storage of confidential information. It helps HR leaders avoid costly errors and ensures compliance with laws and regulations.

Managing employee time and attendance can be challenging for businesses. However, integrating the application with POS systems and mobile clock-in/out apps can help streamline tracking hours worked. Employees can log their work status from any location using biometrics, QR/barcode, NFC, or geofencing options. At the same time, HR managers can monitor and track the status of workers in real time.

With a global workforce and increasing opportunities for remote and international locations, HR leaders must provide employees with tools that support productivity and engagement. Whether managing diverse holiday schedules or accommodating different time off policies, it can help you grow your modern organization and connect with your team regardless of size or location.

Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports

When HR teams are tasked with increasing productivity and ease of collaboration between managers and employees, they need a platform that empowers them to take control. It can help them with business intelligence dashboards and reports, allowing them to make data-driven decisions quickly. It can also process queries from employees and save documents securely and intelligently.

It can also integrate with other software tools to automate processes and create seamless workflows. For example, it can connect to an ATS or employee engagement system and help HR teams manage recruitment more effectively. The platform can also provide analytics and insights that help HR leaders and managers understand the needs of their workforce.

Another way UKG can streamline processes is through its unified API for payroll, directories, and HR. It makes building and maintaining integrations easier, speeding up project delivery times. Additionally, the unified API enables users to create personalized real-time notifications and alerts.

Automated Onboarding

As the world of work evolves, it’s imperative that your HR team can empower managers and employees to be more productive and engaged with their roles no matter where they are. Many of the core tasks that require manual data-sharing can be streamlined with automated data integration. Tediously re-entering the same information from one system to another can lead to errors and is time-consuming. With automatic data sharing, these tasks are streamlined, and the correct information is automatically shared across multiple systems, ensuring accuracy.

With UKG, new hire synchronization is a simple and seamless process with a few critical pieces of information required. To support the synchronization, you must have many fields pre-populated in both Lever and UKG Pro(TM). UKG supports a default component company code, job code, and onboarding owner code that should be set up before integrating with iCIMS.

Once these fields are mapped in each system, UKG will send the appropriate employee information to iCIMS daily. It will include the new hire’s first name, last name, and email address, as well as their job title, department, reporting line, and location information. Employees will also be mapped with their iCIMS profile ID, which will allow the identification of the iCIMS employee record imported by the UKG integration.

Integration with HRSoft

The UKG API makes integrating with a wide range of human capital management systems easy, whether your team wants to automate an HR workflow or build a robust analytics platform.

For example, integrating an LMS with UKG Pro enables managers and employees to create and monitor employee learning and development plans aligned with company goals. This integration also simplifies the tracking and reporting employee training progress, certifications, and skills development.

In another use case, this integration allows for the hands-free import of hourly summaries for workers from the POS system to UKG. It helps to ensure that the work schedules are accurate and up-to-date.

As soon as worker data is updated directly in the POS system, this information automatically updates in UKG in near real-time. It can be helpful for fast-moving businesses where the work schedule needs to be updated quickly to keep workers on the floor.

This type of integration can be done through a custom connector that the experts build. It is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to build a fully-customized solution for your business. The best part is no internal IT resources are needed to set up or maintain this type of integration. The resulting file is then submitted to the UKG HR service delivery uploads API using the /dataset_imports/id> endpoint.

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