how to bookmark on iphone

How to bookmark on iPhone?

Do you find it difficult to bookmark the sites you’re interested in without having to go through several different applications? Whether you’re looking to save something to read later or want to refer back to it, bookmarking can be one of the easiest ways to keep track of what interests you and your workflow. The following 10 tips will help guide you when bookmarking on your iPhone so that saving websites becomes easier and more efficient.

1) How to bookmark your favorite websites on iPhone

In Safari on your iPhone, tap the share button and choose Add Bookmark. Or you can tap and hold a link in Safari until a toolbar appears at the top, then tap Add Bookmark. If you don’t see either of these options, check your settings (in Settings > Safari). If there are no other bookmarks added, you should see Bookmarks & History listed under Saved Data; it will already have a star icon next to it. Tap that icon, then tap Add Bookmark. Enter a name for your bookmark, tap Save and you’re done!

2) How to quickly add site addresses

If you have a contact that’s saved on your phone, you can quickly add a site address by tapping Add in Safari. From there, tap + Add Bookmark or enter a name for it under Name. If you don’t have a contact saved with an email address, select New Contact instead and enter their email in the next field.

3) How to save links for future reference

Saving links on your phone is a great way to stay organized, as well as keep up with news stories and articles you want to read later. There are two ways of saving links: using your favorite bookmark folder or using an app. The best option for you really depends on what you like and prefer. The beauty of bookmarks (both on computers and phones) is that it saves so much time. How many times have you been looking through your social media feed only to see something amazing? If it’s late at night when nothing good is on TV, you might want to browse around online instead. Having an easy-to-use system for storing all these bookmarks will save you time and energy in organizing them in one place later. Once you find a web page or link that interests you, open another browser tab and log into whichever site or service organizes your links—most likely Pinterest, Twitter or Evernote. Next, hit either Shift+Control+D on Windows or Command+Option+D on Mac to bring up the selection window; then simply copy everything from that window.

5) Use the Chrome browser

One way to bookmark sites on your phone is by using Chrome’s add bookmark feature. The process involves opening Chrome, opening your bookmarks, and then searching for a website via its URL. Once you find it, tap Add page and you can select where you want it added—either your bookmarks or a new folder if you like. This option does require an internet connection; remember you can store up to 5,000 websites in one folder of saved bookmarks if necessary. You also have different options when it comes to managing these locations: There are folders containing groups of websites (like Work) that are listed under Tabs along with other options like Clear all bookmarks and Edit labels/favorites. If you opt for saving specific websites within a specific Tab, they will appear as separate tabs whenever you open up Chrome.

how to bookmark on iphone

6) Set up push notifications

You may not need a push notification every time someone you follow on Twitter shares something new. Or maybe you do, it depends. Either way, setting up notifications is easy—all you have to do is go into your settings app, find and tap Notifications (or if it’s buried a bit deeper in your settings menu you can search for notifications), and then select which apps have access. From there, toggle which kinds of notifications you want to be enabled from each app.

7) Use Safari extensions to bookmark on iPhone

There are a number of handy Safari extensions available that make it easier to save pages and share content. If you’re interested in saving any particular site for later, it may be worth your time to search for Safari extensions or apps that will streamline your bookmarking process. Even if there aren’t any bookmarks-specific extensions, you can still use other tools within your browser; Evernote is a great option here because it syncs across all devices so you can easily access those bookmarks anywhere.


8) Copy and paste links from emails

If you receive links to articles, videos, etc. that you would like to read later, but you don’t have time now and there’s no need for you to save them in a separate bookmark folder, there is a quick shortcut for copying these URLs and pasting them directly into your bookmarks list.

9) Use Siri to bookmark on iPhone

Siri is a one-stop shopping app for bookmarking. Before you open up a site, ask Siri if it’s worth your time, and then follow its lead! For example: Is Techmeme worth my time? Or Do I really need to look at that Gizmodo post? Ask questions like these, and use your voice as much as possible when opening bookmarks. You can also use custom shortcuts in iOS 10 to open specific links with voice commands, which makes opening links even faster (and easier). To do so, simply create a shortcut for Safari by going into Settings -> Safari -> Shortcuts; from there, select Bookmarks and choose to Add to Siri from each item in your list of favorites.

10) Explore all options available

First, before deciding which bookmarking app will work best for you, it’s good to do some research and see what features you need. Some of these apps have a ton of features while others are stripped down and bare-bones. To decide which one works best for you, go through every feature available and consider if each one is necessary. If it isn’t really something that will help your experience then don’t use it.

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