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10 Best Youtube To Wav Converter Online For 2023


In the rapidly evolving digital era, multimedia formats play a significant role in shaping our interaction with the world of online content. Amongst the plethora of available audio formats, WAV stands tall, offering lossless, uncompressed sound that audio professionals and audiophiles alike praise. With countless video and audio content hosted on YouTube, the demand for converting these files to WAV format has surged. Hence, a reliable YouTube to WAV converter becomes an indispensable tool for many.

This article aims to bring to light the ten best online YouTube to WAV converters for 2023, considering various factors such as ease of use, conversion quality, speed, security, and additional features.

123Apps Online Converter

123Apps Online Converter has gained widespread recognition for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality. The ability to convert YouTube videos to WAV format without any loss in quality is a standout feature. Additionally, it respects user privacy by deleting files from the server after a few hours.

Pros: It’s free, easy to use, doesn’t require any signup, and supports multiple formats. It ensures high-quality conversions and respects user privacy by deleting files after conversion.

Cons: The conversion speed may vary based on file size and internet speed. Also, it lacks advanced customization options that some other tools offer.


YTMP3 is a free online converter that supports YouTube to WAV conversions. Besides its compatibility with different browsers and platforms, YTMP3 is known for its high conversion speed and quality. The platform ensures data security by not storing any files on its server, providing peace of mind for users concerned about privacy.

Pros: YTMP3 offers a user-friendly interface, high-speed conversions, and does not store any files on the server, thereby maintaining user privacy.

Cons: It only supports two output formats: MP3 and MP4. Additionally, there are restrictions on the length of the video that can be converted.

Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter sets itself apart with its ability to convert videos from various platforms, not just YouTube. It doesn’t require any registration, and its speedy conversion process coupled with high-quality output makes it a popular choice among users.

Pros: It supports a wide variety of platforms and doesn’t require any registration. The conversion process is fast, and the output quality is high.

Cons: The website sometimes hosts intrusive ads, and there is no explicit information about file privacy on the site.


Convertio offers a straightforward conversion process that is favorable to both beginners and advanced users. It supports more than 300 file formats, making it a versatile tool for all conversion needs. Plus, it guarantees security by deleting converted files after 24 hours.

Pros: Convertio offers a straightforward conversion process, supports more than 300 formats, and ensures user privacy by deleting files after 24 hours.

Cons: The maximum file size for free users is limited, and you have to upgrade to a premium account for larger files.


Offering simplicity and effectiveness, Converto allows users to convert YouTube videos to WAV in a few easy steps. The user-friendly interface, coupled with the option to alter file names and the ID3 tags, makes it a favored choice among users.

Pros: It provides a simple, effective conversion process, allows users to alter file names and ID3 tags, and it’s free to use.

Cons: The conversion speed can be relatively slow.


Y2Mate is a trusted name in the domain of online converters. With an intuitive interface and fast conversion process, it facilitates YouTube to WAV conversions efficiently. The website doesn’t necessitate any software installation, and the fact that it provides unlimited downloads makes it a strong contender in our list.

Pros: Y2Mate is highly user-friendly, requires no software installation, and supports unlimited downloads, making it suitable for heavy users.

Cons: Despite its powerful features, Y2Mate is ad-supported, which some users might find intrusive. Moreover, there’s no explicit statement about how it handles user data and file security.


FLVTO stands out for its ability to convert videos from YouTube and other platforms into a variety of formats, including WAV. It’s quick, efficient, and you don’t need to create an account to use its services. Furthermore, it offers a desktop version for users seeking an even faster conversion process.

Pros: FLVTO supports various formats and platforms, requires no account creation, and has a desktop version available for enhanced speed.

Cons: The website sometimes contains pop-up ads, which may be distracting. Also, the speed and quality of conversions may vary depending on the video’s length and quality.


2Conv is celebrated for its simplicity and efficacy. It doesn’t require any registration or software installation, and it provides users with high-quality WAV files post-conversion. With its user-friendly interface, even a novice can convert their favorite YouTube videos to WAV effortlessly.

Pros: With a simple user interface and no need for registration or installation, 2Conv ensures a smooth user experience. The output quality is generally excellent.

Cons: One potential drawback is its limited format options compared to other tools. There might also be occasional delays in conversion during peak hours.


ClipConverter is a comprehensive tool that supports media conversion from virtually all social platforms, including YouTube. It offers a range of formats for conversion, WAV being one among them. Its advanced features, like the ability to choose the quality and cut the length of the media, make it an all-rounder in this field.

Pros: ClipConverter supports media conversion from various platforms and allows users to choose the quality and length of the media, making it a flexible tool for personalized needs.

Cons: While it offers many advanced features, its interface might be slightly complicated for beginners. There may also be copyright issues if users attempt to download copyrighted content.


OnlineConvert is another versatile tool that supports a wide array of formats. It goes beyond just YouTube to WAV conversions and offers customizable settings for file conversions. From adjusting bit resolution to modifying sampling rate, this converter provides users the liberty to tailor the output file as per their requirements.

Pros: OnlineConvert supports a broad range of formats, and users can adjust settings like bit resolution and sampling rate, offering a high level of customization.

Cons: Although it’s a versatile tool, the number of options can be overwhelming for users who prefer simplicity. Also, larger files require a longer conversion time.


Finding the perfect YouTube to WAV converter online that checks all boxes can be challenging, but this comprehensive guide for 2023 brings you the top ten options currently available. Whether you prioritize conversion speed, file quality, or user privacy, there’s a tool out there to meet your specific needs. However, always ensure to respect copyright laws and the terms of service provided by YouTube while using these converters.

By providing you with this list, we hope to simplify your search for the ideal YouTube to WAV converter, enhancing your multimedia experience in 2023 and beyond.

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