WhatFinger Is a Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report


If you are tired of Drudge’s liberal bias and want to read news from a more conservative perspective, try Whatfinger. This news aggregator has both free and paid apps. What makes it great is that it quickly posts the latest news. You can also watch videos and read commentaries on the latest events. The site also lets you access anonymous news sources, which many mainstream news outlets use to attack Republicans and Trump. Read on to learn more about Whatfinger’s advantages and disadvantages.

Whatfinger is a news aggregator

Whatfinger is an app that lets you keep up to date with the latest news and events. The app features news on a variety of topics, including local, global, and finance. Whatfinger allows users to add their own news items and comment on articles posted by their friends. Whatfinger is free to download and offers content from major news sources. However, you may not agree with its conservative slant.

Whatfinger is a conservative alternative to Drudge

While Drudge is known as a right-wing site, the media owes its success to the conservative content on his website. He brought outsize power to conservative journalism with his website, which highlighted news stories that were reported on cable news. Many media outlets sought Drudge’s traffic to bolster their own stories. In fact, in 2008, one Republican operative called Drudge the “assignment editor of the national press corps.”

It offers free apps

You may have heard about the game WhatFinger. This popular app allows you to select a player’s finger. If you play a board game, you may have used it to determine who will take turns. To use the game, just swipe right on the selection screen. The selection screen will change to feature four meeples that have numbers on them. Touch the start player finger to assign the numbers. The game will then highlight your player’s fingers and tell you who will take their turn.

It is a news aggregator

The What Finger is a news aggregator site with conservative viewpoints. Unlike the Drudge Report, which has veered to the left recently, What Finger’s content isn’t written by a single conservative author. Instead, What Finger aggregates articles from multiple sources. Conservatives have responded by turning to other news aggregators to stay informed about current events and to find more conservative content.

It is a fake news site

You’ve probably seen links to What Finger or a similar website before and thought it was legitimate, but what’s the truth? The truth is, fake news sites are popping up all the time. The goal of these sites is to fool readers into clicking on them to gain revenue, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be spotted by the unwary. Fake news websites often contain inaccurate info and headlines and look like real news sites, which is why they are so easily misunderstood.

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