Trump Speech Today at the Heritage Foundation Was Postponed Due to Bad Weather

trump speech today

Trump Speech Today- Despite Trump’s anti-trans rhetoric, the 2024 election is still some time off. Law and order will be demanded of any politician running for office, and Trump’s draconian measures won’t really set him apart. His anti-trans jokes, on the other hand, could unify pro-Trump wonks and conservative swamp dwellers and sway rally crowds. But it’s not clear if this joke will help Trump win the 2020 election or not.

Mike Pence’s speech

Vice President Mike Pence’s speech today at the Heritage Foundation was postponed due to bad weather. The vice president was set to outline the Republican agenda before President Donald Trump returns to the White House. It was unclear if Pence would push for more conservative policies to save the nation, or instead focus on economic opportunity and American leadership. But his speech was short on specifics and more about “uniting conservative action” than on actual policy.

The speech showed the Republican Party’s deep divide, something previously unthinkable for a vice president or former president. It also reflected Republican reservations and frustrations about the next Trump campaign. A recent poll said that large numbers of Republican voters would decamp from the party in the 2024 general election. But despite these negatives, the vice president did make one important point: he wants the Republican Party to move on from the election loss and focus on future political battles.

One thing is clear: Pence is trying to distance himself from Trump. In the past few months, he has avoided taking on the president directly. But in February, he told the media that Trump was wrong to claim Pence could “overturn” the results of the 2020 election. In Georgia, he endorsed Brian Kemp, a Republican governor who had been Trump’s target for years. Trump has criticized Ducey in the state, but Pence’s endorsement has boosted his chances of being the next president.

But the main reason for Pence’s endorsement of Robson is more opportunistic than democratic. He wants to demonstrate that he is his own man, and not a Trump lackey. And he wants to signal that he’ll run for president again in 2024. And he does have history of defeating other Republicans in the past, and Pence has been in Arizona before. So what exactly was he thinking?

His attempt to overturn the 2020 election

Former President Donald Trump recently said he wanted Vice President Mike Pence to try and overturn the 2020 election. While he criticized bipartisan efforts to reform the Electoral Count Act, Trump erroneously claimed the vice president has the power to reverse an election. In truth, the vice president only has ceremonial power and cannot interfere in presidential elections. Vos clarified that his ruling will not affect the outcome of the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

During the Jan. 6 riot, Trump’s supporters attacked election workers Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman. Both women testified before a House select committee on January 6 about Trump’s unsavory tactics. While he was defending himself, he also urged GOP officials to hold an investigation into the presidential election. Similarly, he leaned on state election officials to influence the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

In the public hearings, Trump’s inner circle admitted that they lost the election. “The data analysis showed me there was no way we were going to win,” Trump Jr. told White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Meanwhile, Trump’s “clown show” legal team challenged the election in court. But did Pence’s effort succeed? Probably not. The U.S. House has a two-thirds majority, and a minority party.

While it is not clear yet what steps Trump might take to overturn the election, he’s clearly trying to keep himself in the news. By publicly arguing for such extreme measures, Trump is risking to undermine the credibility of democratic institutions. The president’s attempts to overturn the election were blocked by Democratic governors in Pennsylvania and Michigan. If these efforts had succeeded, Trump’s claims would be moot.

His prescriptions for public safety

President Trump knows that safe communities are not created by accident. He has reinstated the rule of law, built new partnerships with law enforcement, supported brave police officers nationwide, and adopted aggressive strategies against gang violence. During his time as President, he has also appointed more than 230 Federal judges and a conservative to the Supreme Court. Moreover, he has achieved the largest criminal justice reform in decades: the First Step Act. This bipartisan piece of legislation will help improve the criminal justice system and provide for public safety.

His relationship with former vice president Donald Trump

While Trump and Pence have been at odds on many issues, the two are clearly still in touch. While Trump aides have declined to discuss the nature of their relationship, they say they remain in constant contact. The two have spoken at least five times this year, including three times in February. The president-elect and Pence are both in the process of redefining their party’s political future in the post-Trump era.

Pence has become increasingly bold in his criticism of Trump, and this past week, the two will hold dueling events in Arizona. The two will campaign for their respective candidates in the state of Arizona and will give major speeches in Washington, D.C. Trump and Pence were once close confidants, and the two are preparing for a possible presidential clash in 2024. Pence’s endorsement of Karrin Taylor Robson in Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial primary is the first public sign of a deteriorating relationship.

While Trump was the Republican nominee for president, the Democrats chose Joe Biden, the former vice president, as their vice presidential nominee. Biden chose Kamala Harris, a California senator, who is a daughter of African-American immigrants. In May 2017, the COVID-19 virus emerged in China and infected Americans. Increasing numbers of Americans contracted the disease, and more than 100 died. Trump downplayed the disease and did not insist on wearing face masks.

While Pence is close to the Republican Party establishment, some in the GOP have questioned Pence’s suitability as the GOP’s presidential nominee. However, GOP pollster Tony Fabrizio ranked Pence second among GOP voters without Trump. Regardless of Trump’s political status, Pence has deep connections with the evangelical conservative wing of the Republican party. As a congressman and Indiana governor, Pence was close to Trump throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. Pence, meanwhile, stood by Trump despite repeated controversy. Pence believed Trump’s supporters would reward him for his loyalty.

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