Common Reasons Truck Accidents in Stockton

Three Common Reasons Truck Accidents in Stockton Happen

Commercial trucks are huge vehicles that can make a powerful impact during a collision. Given their massive size, they can present dangers to other vehicles they share the road with. Even if a truck is running at a slow speed, it can cause catastrophic results when it collides with a passenger vehicle. Often, truck accidents happen due to negligent conditions. If you have been in this accident, you need a Stockton truck accident attorney to help you handle your case and prove that negligence caused the accident. This way, you can secure the compensation you need for your injuries and damages. The following are common causes of truck accidents:

Driver Error

Most truck accidents occur due to driver error. Inexperience usually results in a truck driver making risky mistakes while driving a truck. To safely and efficiently drive a big truck while hauling a load, a driver must possess special skills and extensive training. Commercial trucks require more room to be able to fully stop and correcting a truck error is harder than in a passenger car. When a truck accident occurs due to driver error, the trucker may be at-fault. But sometimes, the trucking company that hires them can also face liability for the actions of their truckers due to their negligent hiring practices. 

Bad Weather

Nobody can change the weather, but truck drivers should always operate their trucks safely. When they are on the road amid poor weather conditions, they must use extreme caution. Truck accidents can happen because of weather conditions such as snow, heavy wind, storms, rain, and ice. Truckers need to decrease their speed whenever they travel through such conditions. If being behind the wheel is too dangerous given the weather condition, a trucker must get off the road for their safety and the safety of other road users. Continuing to operate their truck despite the dangerous weather condition may be a negligent action. And a trucker could be held liable when a collision takes place. 

Poor Truck Condition

Trucking companies need to properly maintain their commercial trucks to ensure they are safe to drive. Each truck must undergo an annual inspection and truckers must inspect their trucks after every driving day. Commercial truck maintenance includes rotating tires, replacing brake systems, replacing tail lights and headlights, as well as maintaining proper tire pressure. If poor truck maintenance causes an accident, victims can hold the trucking company liable for the resulting damages and injuries. 

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