Lamora Williams Found Guilty of Covering Up a Death

lamora williams

Recently, Lamora Williams, who has pleaded not guilty to the murders of her two young sons, has been found guilty of concealing a death, but she claims it wasn’t her fault. The article explains how she got diagnosed with mental illness as a child and how she was accused of covering up a death. Read on for details. If you’re interested in learning more about this case, read on!

Lamora Williams pleaded not guilty to murdering her sons

Lamora Williams pleaded not guilty in court on Monday to the alleged murders of her two sons. The alleged murders took place in August, but the family’s three-year-old child was not harmed in the alleged killings. The 4-year-old boy was with his mother at the time, and a search of the Georgia Department of Corrections does not reveal her name. According to police, Williams has been diagnosed with psychiatric conditions, and her mental state is likely one of the reasons why the judge ruled her incompetent to stand trial.

The children’s father, Jameel Penn, discovered the bodies on the floor. He called the police. Neesa Smith, Williams’ close friend, told her to call the police. Then, she allegedly told the woman she had to murder her sons. The mother’s family said Lamora Williams’ actions were motivated by her postpartum depression, but she never told them that she had an illness.

Police also say they have evidence to support their case. The evidence is extensive, including the 911 call where Williams claimed her daughter was kidnapped, surveillance video, police body camera videos, and information uncovered during search warrants. The prosecutor has over 4,000 pieces of evidence, including police body camera videos and surveillance photos. Those uncovered during the searches were the homicide victims’ clothing and sex toys.

The defense argued that Manling Williams was not inherently violent, and was a charitable person before the killings. The jury, however, was not convinced. The prosecution argued that the actions of Manling Williams were premeditated. The defense claimed that Manling Williams had no criminal history or any other reasons for killing her sons. In fact, the prosecution presented her upbringing as a key argument in their case.

Lamora Williams¬†said it wasn’t her fault

June has never asked me about the woman in the brown coat. If I had, I would have asked her questions about her. But June never did. And when June does ask questions, I can’t believe that she has never asked me about that woman. She never even asked me how I know what happened. But what else is new? I’m sure she’ll come out to me one day and say that it wasn’t her fault.

Lamora Williams was diagnosed with mental illness as a child

Lamora Williams was known for her unhinged behavior, and it was no surprise that she was accused of murdering her own children. When her husband died in an automobile accident, she retained custody of her three toddlers. Afterward, her mental state rapidly deteriorated, and she was left with the responsibility of caring for her three boys. She later miscarried one of the boys, and her sons’ father left her. Lamora’s mental state took another turn when she was pregnant with her fourth child.

Several relatives of the deceased have claimed that she suffered from mental health problems since childhood. One of them, Tabitha Hollingsworth, tried to get Lamora help from the school, and eventually she was referred to the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). However, the Division of Family and Children Services failed to diagnose Williams’ mental disorder, and her family has been forced to seek help for her daughter.

Lamora Williams had two sons, aged 3 and 11 at the time of the murders. The murders were committed between midnight on Thursday and 11pm on Friday. Jameel Penn, her youngest, was unharmed during the murders. Jameel, Lamora’s son, received a video call from her and called police. She pleaded guilty to two counts of felony murder. Jameel Williams’s eldest child was safe with relatives.

When Williams was accused of killing her two sons, she was just 24 years old. She allegedly put them in the oven while they were sleeping, and then he watched it on video. When he learned of the death, he contacted the police and was arrested. Lamora Williams’ family told police that she left her kids with a relative, but neighbors say she didn’t.

She was charged with concealing a death

In January, Lamora Williams appeared in court to receive a status hearing before her murder trial. She is accused of killing her two sons in a hot oven, using a video calling application to contact their father. Williams previously admitted to having mental health problems, but has maintained her innocence. The court heard that she put her sons in the oven to conceal the death. In her plea deal, Lamora admitted that she hid the truth from her boyfriend, but did not admit to putting the children in the oven.

During her court appearance on Monday, Williams denied all four charges. She remains incarcerated in the Fulton County jail without bond. Police said she had undiagnosed mental health issues and may have been overwhelmed by the children. Williams’ sister and mother believe that she suffered from untreated mental illness. The case has generated a lot of media coverage, and Lamora’s mental state is now under scrutiny.

The case is very complicated. The alleged murders occurred in a home where Williams lived with her husband and two young sons. The eldest child of the couple, a 4-year-old boy named Jameel, was not harmed, but the 3-year-old was. Williams claimed her cousin was watching her children for 12 hours. The police interviewed witnesses and examined evidence, and a warrant was issued for Williams’ arrest.

According to the forensic artist’s report, the children were left in the burning stove for 11 hours. The children were covered in burns when discovered by the police. The stove was removed from the apartment for further forensic investigation. Williams’ boyfriend, Brian Penn, was interviewed live on a local radio station after the incident. They had a troubled relationship and her mother was unreliable.

She was denied bond

Atlanta, Georgia, mother Lamora Williams has been arrested and charged with the double murder of two toddlers. The warrant alleges that Williams put the children in an oven and then turned it on, killing them. Williams has pleaded not guilty at her arraignment. She is a single mother of four. Jameel Penn, who lives in Atlanta, received a video call from Lamora Williams late Friday night and told authorities that he had seen the children dead on the floor. Jameel Penn, who was nearby, called 911 after seeing the bodies.

On Monday, a judge denied bond to Lamora Williams after she appeared in court without showing up to make her first appearance. Williams is accused of killing two infant boys and is being held without bond in a Fulton jail. She had undiagnosed mental illnesses when she was arrested in October. The boys were staying with Williams’ cousin when the murders occurred, and Williams told police that she was going to watch them for 12 hours, but that her mental state had changed and she was at risk of a suicide attempt.

Jameel Penn, the father of the boys, said that he video-chatted with Williams after the killings, and then called police when he saw the children lying dead. The mother told police that the children were in someone else’s care, but they were not. The police did not believe her story, and they arrested Williams. Police also questioned her motives. She said she was “reeling from a deep depression.”

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