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If you’re looking to see George Conway Twitter, you’ve probably been reading his bio, which pokes fun at Trump’s windmill cancer claim. The same can be said of his criticism of the president and Kellyanne Conway. While they have never publicly gone after one another, it’s clear that they have differing views on the Trump administration. Regardless, he has a large and devoted following on Twitter.

George Conway Twitter new bio pokes fun at Trump’s windmill cancer claim

George Conway, the husband of Kellyanne Conway, is no stranger to ribbing President Donald Trump. George Conway Twitter account has been a regular target for Conway, and his latest jab came in the form of a bio. The change in Conway’s bio came in response to Trump’s unfounded claim that windmill noise causes cancer, which was roundly condemned across the political spectrum.

Earlier this year, the trade advisor Peter Navarro had warned that the United States could face a coronavirus pandemic. Several months later, the 2020 reelection campaign manager of Donald Trump took to Twitter to defend the president. His take landed on several mainstream media outlets, including Fox News, and generated nearly a million reactions in just two days.

His criticism of the president

The media was one of the first targets of Trump’s criticism on Twitter. Four days after his inauguration, he was back at it again, attacking the media. Trump praised Fox News’ ratings and mocked CNN during his inauguration. The media was quick to call the president’s tweets “fake news,” and they continued to spew misinformation. However, the President’s Twitter feed continued to grow throughout the inauguration.

His criticism of Kellyanne Conway

Trump critic George Conway Twitter has reacted to his wife’s recent tweets, saying she’s “not a total loser.” On Monday, he tweeted that Kellyanne Conway had posted a photo of a DSM diagnosis of President Donald Trump. The president’s aides dissuaded him from attacking Conway on Twitter, saying it would only empower him and draw unnecessary attention to himself. Conway, however, has since deleted the tweet and clarified her intentions to her followers.

The President’s wife is frustrated with George Conway’s criticism of the president. While she has previously asked critics to stay away from her husband’s public comments, she is not ready to face any criticism herself. She’s clearly frustrated with him and his tweets, and it’s unlikely she’ll be able to stand up to his criticism of the President. But she is clearly upset. If her husband is right, her critics will continue to be upset.

The President’s adult son has been critical of his wife’s tweets. She has repeatedly attacked the administration. While her mother is supportive of the President, she has not been so vocal about it. But her critics have criticized her, and her husband is even more unforgiving of her criticism. He even emailed some critics of the administration in an attempt to improve their arguments. And Conway’s scathing criticism of her husband has prompted her to delete a post of her own.

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