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If you’re looking for a liberal, progressive news blog, consider Crooks and Liars. The website publishes news that favors the left and trashes the right. In addition to the blog, Crooks and Liars has a video blog and website. However, I think it’s better to skip the video blog and read the articles directly. This liberal news blog focuses on political issues and the media’s coverage of them.

Crooks and liars is a liberal / progressive news blog

The website Crooks and Liars focuses on issues of importance to liberal/progressive readers. They are very skeptical of politicians, but not extremists. They publish information that supports the left and denounces the right. Most of the posts on the site are fact-based, but they may use strongly loaded language that could lead to misunderstandings.

Another popular liberal / progressive news blog is The Maddow Blog, which is authored by the political team of S.C.’s media outlet, The State. The blog also covers local and federal elections, as well as election day news. In contrast, Bluestem Prairie, a hip rural political blog, features opinion and articles by writers in the Greater Minnesota region. Unlike other liberal/progressive news sites, Bluestem Prairie has more traditional appearance and publishes longer articles.

Alternative media such as Dissent magazine offer a variety of perspectives on current events, and Truthdig is a daily socialist newspaper whose aim is to be the economic and political voice of the mass movement. Similarly, UfPJ, an information collaboration aimed at ending war and redirecting resources to human needs, provides breaking news and links to progressive news. Upside Down World’s journalists have reported on worker occupations in Argentina and corporate plunder in Latin America. And Utne Reader reprints articles from alternative media.

It has a video blog

Crooks and Liars is an online political news blog that publishes videos from news and political events. Its headlines are filled with sensational wording and are usually sourced to a video and author opinion. In the case of a video clip, the author has provided a transcript to make it easier to see who is being defamed.

Crooks and Liars is a progressive news blog that focuses on political issues and news coverage. Founded by John Amato in August 2004, the blog was one of the first to feature video and audio online. Today, the site has about 12 regular contributors and averages more than two million page impressions per day. The site is sponsored by Blue America, a liberal PAC.

Crooks and Liars was a popular political video blog that untangled the utter nonsense that comes from the right wing media. Applicants for jobs on Crooks and Liars can submit their applications anonymously to be matched with employers. While it is not easy to find a job based on one of these video blogs, Crooks and Liars does have a great deal of information to share with potential employers.

Amato is a Brooklyn native and one of the most prominent left-leaning bloggers in the country. He has detailed his journey from working musician to political commentator. He also co-authored the book, Over the Cliff, which examines Obama’s election. Amato was joined by LA Media Reform, Alliance Hollywood, and LA Progressive for the event, and he signed books after the talk.

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