A comprehensive note on Elf on the shelf tradition

A comprehensive note on Elf on the shelf tradition

For families across the country, the Elf on the Shelf tradition, which has been about for more than ten years, has swiftly emerged as one of the most cherished seasonal customs. The Elf on the Shelf is a cheeky little character who hides in various locations around the house each night and lets Santa know if each family member has been nice or naughty.

Families find the Elf in a different location every morning when they awaken, and it is their responsibility to figure out where they have hidden. Various elf accessories are available to carry out this tradition. It is an excellent way to get the family in the Christmas spirit, but it also assists parents in keeping their kids well-behaved in advance of Santa’s arrival.

In this article, you can learn more about this fun tradition. Read further to know about it.

A little history

History reveals that this tradition has been around for generations but recently gained recognition. The elf-on-the-shelf tradition began in the early 1900s. Every Christmas Eve, each family would customarily set a wooden elf on their mantelpiece as a reminder that Santa was always keeping an eye on things. The custom swiftly became a global phenomenon when author Carol Aebersold and the author’s daughter Chanda Bell released their book in 2005. Their narrative aimed to inspire kids to behave well throughout December.

How should this tradition be carried out?

Read the elf story with the kids

Reading The Elf story with children can be a precious experience. It also serves as a way to create a bond between you and your children.

It not only gives families a chance to spend quality time together but also fosters empathy, creativity, and critical thinking abilities. The Elf on the Shelf tale urges kids to consider the consequences of their choices and teaches them the distinction between right and wrong. Additionally, it can impart values like respect and kindness to others.

Purchase elves and relevant accessories

Purchasing elves and elf accessories for the tradition are integral to the holiday season. It reminds everyone of the ritual’s significance and enhances the home’s atmosphere.

Including activities that the Elf can engage in while residing in the house helps give the Elf a more tangible presence. Not only is it crucial to buy these things, but it’s also crucial to choose products that complement the festive season’s aesthetic.

You can explore online platforms to find your favourite Elf and the required accessories. Selecting little beds, bath sets, and other little furniture can make the tradition more fun.

Name the Elf

Making the event unique and memorable for your family should involve naming your Elf. It makes your Elf a distinctive character in your home and gives the Christmas season a personal touch.

Giving your Elf a name allows you to welcome them into your family and home, letting you make new holiday memories every year. It not only makes it simpler to discuss your Elf with your kids but also gives a sense of ownership that makes the holiday season come to life.

Hide the Elf

Children can have fun searching for the Elf hidden in a different location every day by turning hiding this a game of hide and seek. Picking a hiding place that will keep the Elf hidden takes a lot of skill and inventiveness. As they must cooperate to discover the ideal location, finding these hiding locations may be a lot of fun for parents and their kids!

Thus, the elf custom has undoubtedly become a well-known Christmas custom worldwide. Parents and kids alike have welcomed it since it adds a bit of surprise and excitement to each night for the kids. Even though the primary function is to track whether or not kids have been good or bad, it also reminds one of the ideals the Christmas season represents. The Elf on the shelf brings families together and gives them a chance to discuss what it means to share cheer and goodwill throughout the holiday season.

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