4 Things You Can Process Online Before You Travel

The days of making travel plans at the last minute are over. Nowadays, you can do just about everything online. Some things you need to set up before you go and if it’s a big trip like taking your family on vacation or going abroad for work—require planning.


If you’re staying in hotels, motels, or Airbnb rentals, it’s important to do a little research before booking. While there are plenty of things you can’t control once you’re on your trip like what the weather will be like and how much time you’ll spend in each location you can make sure that your lodging is up to snuff when it comes to amenities and location.

Check out reviews from other travelers and read about the property’s amenities (do they have laundry facilities? A pool?) and its proximity to local attractions. If something seems off about the hotel’s description, look at other options until you find one that feels right for your trip.

Plane tickets

Booking your plane tickets early is always a good idea. Many airlines offer discounts if you book at least two weeks in advance, and many will start discounting tickets as early as one week before departure. You can also make it easier on yourself by booking in advance because then you won’t have to worry about hunting down your favorite seat or missing out on a better fare when the airline starts making price changes later.

If you’re planning a European trip, flight prices tend to fluctuate less than those for flights farther away from home (like Asia or Africa). That means the best time to buy your ticket may not be the first day you search for one—you might see bigger savings later on.

Car rentals

Renting a car is a great way to see the sights and get around town. Many companies offer car rental services, so look at all your options before choosing one. Some rental companies will require you to be 25 or older, while others allow younger drivers but charge them more for insurance. Also, check what kind of insurance coverage they provide since it varies by company: some only cover liability, while others also include collision damage waivers (CDW) and personal injury protection (PIP). And don’t forget about your driver’s license: some states require an international driver’s permit if yours isn’t from the U.S., Canada, or Western Europe.

You’ll need to provide credit card information when reserving a car online; other payment methods may be available depending on where you’re traveling from and renting the vehicle in advance (if possible).

If there’s any chance that someone else might drive your rented vehicle—like friends visiting for spring break make sure they know how much their insurance costs and whether their policy covers rentals from different companies than theirs. Read more about Maelstrom Hiking Backpack

TSA PreCheck®

You can apply online for TSA PreCheck® by paying $85. But it’s worth it—the program allows you to go through security more quickly when you travel, and most importantly, it means no pat-downs.

You can also apply at certain airports, but you’ll need to find out whether it’s worth the trip. When you apply for TSA PreCheck®, you will be fingerprinted and undergo a background check. If approved, you’ll receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN) linked to your frequent flyer account (if applicable).


The main takeaway from this article is that travelers can do more than just check in for their flights online. Several travel services, such as booking hotels and renting cars, can be used to prepare for your trip before it even begins. You’ll also find that these sites are great places to review reviews of different locations so that everything will run smoothly when you arrive at your final destination.

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