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What You Need to Know About Gas Grills

Gas Grills

In the summertime everyone wants a good grill to cook outside on. Many people love charcoal grills, but many others like gas grills. It is a personal preference, and still other people like both.

You can buy charcoal grills in many places, mostly home improvement stores and big box stores. You can buy a gas grill in these stores, as well. You can also buy grills at specialty stores around the country.

This article will tell you some of the things that you need to know before you buy a gas grill. It will give you some safety information, as well. You can also do more research to find even more information about them.

Things to Know Before You Buy a Gas Grill

  1. Construction – You want the outdoor cooker to be well constructed. You want it to be made of a heavy-duty metal so that it won’t deteriorate as fast. Stainless steel is a good product, but it won’t last as long as a heavy-duty metal will. Stainless steel also doesn’t hold in the heat as well as something like cast aluminum.
  • Burners – The more burners that you have the more people you can feed at once. If you have more burners, you can also cook more foods at the same time and at different temperatures. You want burners that are made from stainless steel or maybe bronze. You want to avoid cast iron because it can rust in the weather.
  • Wheels – The grill should have at least two wheels to make transporting it from place to place easier. It will also help you to store it out of the way when the season is over. Four wheels are good, but two wheels will do just as good.
  • Removable Grease Tray – You also need removable grease trays that can be cleaned after each use. You could also use disposable aluminum trays that can be replaced after each use. You just want to make sure that there is no grease build up that could cause fires the next time that you use the grill.
  • Extras – Tool hooks to hang your barbecue tools as you cook, side tables, and side burners are all good extras to have on your outdoor cooker: You could use your side tables for plates and tools, your side burners for barbecue sauce, beans, or vegetables. You could even have a bottle opener so that you could open the adult beverages that sometimes go along with barbecuing.
  • BTUs – BTUs are not as important as you might think. BTUs are British Thermal Units and basically tell you how much gas that the outdoor cooker uses. People assume that if the grill has a high BTU, it is more powerful. This might be true, but it really doesn’t mean anything because bigger outdoor cookers will be more powerful – at least most of the time.
  • Must Have Tools – There are some tools that you must have to barbecue outside. The first is a set of metal tongs so that you can pick up and turn your food that is on the burners. You also need an internal thermometer to check the internal temperature of what you are cooking. Another item that is a must-have is a grill basket that can help you to grill smaller items such as vegetables. You need to make sure that you get a heavy-duty basket that has holes in it so that you can still get the grill marks that you want. The final tool that you want is a cleaning brush to keep your outdoor grill in good, clean shape. It should have steel bristles that will withstand the test of time. You can look here for more tools that you should have. This is just a beginning list.
  • Clean Grates – You want to clean the grates of the grill after every single use. Use your steel brush and scrub the grates until you remove all the debris. It is best to do it when the grill is still warm so that the crud doesn’t have a chance to harden. If you forget to clean it while it is still warm, do it the next time while you are waiting for it to warm up again.
  • Keep it Covered – When you are not using your outdoor cooker, cover it up to prevent rusting. You should not keep it covered if you live in an area that is super humid. If you live in that climate the cover can hold in extra moisture that will lead to rusting.


Grilling outside is a summer pastime that many people do in almost every area of the country. It is usually done in warmer weather and usually involves some type of meat – usually hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks. You can also cook many vegetables on the grill, and this is done often, as well.

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