Treadmill Walking Weight Loss Workout Plan

Walking on the treadmill is a fantastic method to burn calories daily to help you shed weight. Try to burn 300 additional calories a day by doing exercises that involve cardio, such as walking at a fast pace. This amounts to approximately 60 minutes of moderately strenuous exercise, and also controlling the amount of calories you consume.

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Tips for Treadmill Weight Loss

Through this program, you’ll push your body to the limit through a variety of workouts throughout the week . You will have harder days, and then easier ones. It is possible to alter this program to suit your personal needs. You can also add rest days as you need However, it is advised to not have multiple rest days per week.

If you’re unable to plan enough time for running you’ll have several ways to achieve your calorie burning target. They include intense training, more intense exercises at moderate intensity, and shorter-duration, intense-intensity workouts.

Research has proven that both moderate intensity, longer-duration workouts as well as less intense, shorter-duration exercises are efficient in reducing fat. 1 But research suggests that intense training is more efficient in terms of time.

If you do not have a 60-minute block of time for exercise it’s possible to do an intense workout lasting 15-20 minutes, or make time for your moderate intensity exercise routine by adding two or three additional fifteen-minute strolls (on and off of the treadmill) during the course of your day.

Week 1

This schedule can be used as a starting point to help you plan your workout. You are welcome to make changes to make it more compatible with the requirements of your program.

Moderate Intensity Walking Workout

Get your week started off by doing 60 minutes of moderate intensity training. It is possible to burn 350 or 400 calories, depending on the speed you go at and the weight you are carrying. It is possible to break the exercise into two periods that last 30 minutes if you aren’t able to commit to a full hour.

When you’ve warmed up your body for 10 mins at a slow or moderate speed, you can increase your speed to a fast walk that can bring your heart rate to 60 to 70 percent of your maximum rate. Utilize the heart rate calculation tool to determine your goal figures if you’re not aware of the numbers.

Many treadmills feature the grasp pulse sensor, also known as a heart rate sensor that will help you keep track of your heart rate and exercise. A RPE scale, or rating of perceived exertion, can be a useful method of tracking workout intensity, and it doesn’t require any apparatus.

For the scale to be used to measure your workload, you must select the number that is between six and twenty which corresponds to your current workload, with 6 meaning the body’s completely at relaxation and 20 meaning that you’re working at a maximal level of intensity (i.e. that you are not able to sustain for more than a couple of seconds).

Easy Health Walk

Today, you’ll go for 30 minutes to walk at a slower pace to complete your cardio workout. You should aim for a heart-rate between 50 and 60 percent of maximum and the RPE score of between 11-12. Make use of this exercise to focus on your walk’s posture and walking technique.

This will assist you in speeding up your faster exercises. Begin your treadmill workout with an upper training session for your body using dumbbells and fitness bands.

Treadmill Hill Workout

You’ll get more calories burned in a minute when you use the incline function of your treadmill. If your treadmill comes with pre-programmed hill exercises, pick one you can utilize at this moment. You can select the steady rise or hill interval.

Since you’ll be working more, try to complete 45 minutes and put within 30 minutes of hill-training while keeping your heart rate in the moderate to vigorous intensity zone between 70% and 85 percent of your highest heart rate. If you’re applying the RPE scale you should feel that you’re working in a 14-16 range, or a moderate to vigorous exercise.

Moderate Health Walk

For 30 minutes, walk at a moderate speed. You should feel as if you’re working but not too difficult. In the RPE scale, you may select a 12-14. The intensity of the workout must feel steady. You should be certain that you keep your workout within moderate levels to save your energy levels for the next training.

After your workout today, test yourself with some exercises at the end. There is no equipment required. Just pick two to three of your ab exercises you love including ab curls, planks, and abdominal exercises that stand up.

Speed Intervals Workout


A majority of treadmills are pre-programmed with speed interval exercises. Intervals are short intervals that you can run or walk at a fast pace and then slow down for a more extended time to rest before increasing speed. As an example, you may increase your speed for 30 to 60 seconds, and then recover up to 2 minutes.

Choose from the pre-programmed workouts , or make your own. If you’re comfortable jogging then you can alternate between jogging during your speed interval, and walking to recover. If your treadmill isn’t equipped with an interval speed program, change the speed by altering your speed.

You should aim for a time of between 30 and 45 minutes to complete the exercise, and 20-30 minutes in intervals. In the speed segment you’ll feel as if you’re working extremely hard (15 up to 18 points according to the RPE scale) which is about 80 to 90% of your max heart rate. Maintain the recovery segments as very active, but not too difficult (10 to 12 points on the RPE scale).

Distance Workout

Set a goal for an hour or more of walking at a moderate pace. This is an excellent opportunity to go for a walk outside during the day, and stroll in a park, on a greenway, shop or just exploring. Monitor your distance and steps with your smartphone or other activity tracker to see the number of calories from exercise you’re burning.

If you prefer to go indoors using a treadmill you might consider listening to a podcast , or streaming your preferred show on the internet to keep you entertained. Certain treadmills have screens installed so you can stream your preferred show. It’s also possible to connect a tablet device or smartphone to view your show.


Active Fun and Stretching

Get your legs moving to work while having a fun day out with your family and friends. Utilize a warm-up routine to relax. Explore other physical activities like bicycling or swimming that strengthen different muscles in addition to walking. Today’s goal is to find the joy of being active and alive.

Week 2

Repetition the treadmill workout week routine. Check out the various workouts pre-programmed on your treadmill to get a variety during the hill exercise day as well as the time interval days.

If you’ve not been exercising regularly You may have to start with shorter treadmill workouts and gradually increase the amount of time you spend every day. You can reach your goal in time or calories by taking 15 minutes of daily walks when required.


To shed weight using exercising, you need to manage the amount you consume. Make a conscious effort to eat a balanced diet and maintain the food journal to ensure that you are transparent with yourself regarding the calories you consume.

If you are able to burn 300 additional calories every day through exercise and reduce your calories intake by 200 calories each day, you can attain a deficit of 500 calories a day. Based on various estimates, this could lead to a loss of weight around one pound per week, if you don’t alter your activity amount or your eating habits in any other way.

Week 3

Change your weekly routine to accommodate your schedule. Focus on improving your posture and posture particularly by using advice on how to speed up your walking so that you get more calories burned in the same exercise session.


As you advance as you progress, you’ll gain fitness and shed weight. You’ll then need to work harder and at a higher incline to get your heart rate to the zone of exertion you want to reach.






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