Tips from Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi to Make Daily Life Simpler

Tips from Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi to Make Daily Life Simpler

Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi is a famous dementia care specialist in the United Kingdom. He is a renowned dementia expert known as Prabhi Sodhi, Praby Sodhi and Prabhy Sodhi. He is also a former director at Abbey Healthcare, known as Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi’s vision is to make people’s lives simple so they can live happily and get relief from stress.

Prabhi Sodhi explains a condition like dementia can invite several challenges for a patient as well as a carer. These challenges can mainly circulate around the management of the condition. (Former Director) Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare is a dementia expert who has witnessed several situations in which the carers required proper guidance for this management. Based on the same, the former director of Abbey Healthcare came up with certain tips to make daily life easier.

It is important to note that these tips can make the condition more manageable. Furthermore, improvement in the health condition may also be expected when the tips are sincerely followed and utilized. Having tried and tested these, carers have received the much-needed help to properly look after the patient.

Praby Sodhi Shares Is it Complex to Care for a Patient with Dementia?

Patients who have been diagnosed with dementia can vary in terms of the stage, the number of symptoms, the severity of the condition, etc. Some of them can be more aggressive too. Varying from one person to another, caring for a patient can invite different approaches. Given that the condition of a person is too severe, it can be complex for a caregiver to handle him/her.

Nevertheless, (Former Director) Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare also known as Praby Sodhi puts forth that by learning certain skills, it may not always be complex to deal with the situation.

6 Tips by Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Dementia Carers can follow: 

When you are caring for a person with dementia, you should be aware of certain tips that can make your task simpler. Suggested by the expert, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, these tips revolve around the daily life of a patient. Even when his/her condition is complex, it may not be challenging to deal with that patient, provided that you regularly apply these tips.

  1. Cut down Distractions

A patient diagnosed with dementia can get distracted. Sometimes, this occurrence can easily happen, depending on the mental state of the person. It is, therefore, a vital tip that you remove those distractions. For this, you will have to keep an eye on occurrences that are often distracting the patient, says (Former Director) Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare.

  1. Learn the Skill of Patience

Another useful tip by the expert is that carers should remain patient. As they learn this skill, they can deal with the most challenging situations brought along by dementia. A person experiencing this health condition may repeatedly do certain things. Or, she/he may show aggression or confusion more than often. With patience, Prabhi Sodhi says that every such situation can be calmly handled.

  1. Induce Flexibility as a Carer

It must be understood that a patient with dementia may not always remain independent. Especially when the symptoms and effects increase, the situation can demand more care. Given that a carer is flexible, this increase will not be difficult to handle.

(Former Director) Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare suggests that to be flexible, a carer should be open to changes in a dementia patient’s condition. Accordingly, the ability to modify his/her routine should be developed so that the patient can be cared for as required.

  1. Promote a Secure Environment

There can be physical and mental dangers surrounding a patient who is undergoing dementia. For this reason, the environment around this person should be safe. To secure it against any possible danger, the dementia specialist, Mr. Sodhi, suggests keeping limited things in the room belonging to the patient. This will not only reduce physical dangers such as tripping or falling but also reduce confusion at the same time.

Additionally, Praby Sodhi shares the following points in regard to this tip:

  • Any temperature-controlling devices should be kept at bay from the patient.
  • Lock those items in a cupboard that can pose dangers.
  • Every precaution essential for safety amidst fires should be in place.
  1. Modify Activities via Multiple Steps

The former director at Abbey Healthcare has observed that a patient with this condition may find it challenging to execute regular activities. Whether it is brushing the teeth, washing the hands, or taking a bath, such simple tasks can seem complex to that patient.

When this situation is observed, Prabhy Sodhi opines that a carer should break every activity into several steps. This can benefit both carer and the patient in these ways:

  • Less confusion will take place when every activity has been converted into easy-to-follow steps.
  • The expert believes that the activity will become engaging too.
  • Moreover, memory retention will be possible since the daily life tasks will be carried out without complexities.
  • For the caregiver, it will be easier to direct the dementia patient one step at a time.
  1. Limiting Frustration

Frustration can be an outcome when a dementia patient is unable to do a task. However, this is not the only reason to feel frustrated. In the life of this person, several other obstacles can emerge that can induce the feeling of agitation.

When a carer is dealing with this patient, frustration will make the entire situation more problematic. While simplifying tasks is a useful tip to remove agitation, (Former Director) Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare says that a proper schedule can also be formed.

A schedule will ensure that everything is timely done and memory-related processes may also be managed. In addition, a carer can use simple speech to provide instructions for the tasks. Not only for these but also throughout the day, the simple speech will ensure that the patient is able to follow what is being said without being frustrated due to poor understanding.

To Conclude

Dementia can result in a number of symptoms. As the stage of the condition increases, the symptoms can also worsen. To prevent the same, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi gives opinion caring properly for a patient is vital. With the tips given here, some help should be received when you are dealing with a similar situation. Regardless of the age of the patient, these tips remain applicable. Hence, every caregiver can try to implement them as well as see positive changes in the health condition.

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