Geiger is a popular comic from Image Comics with a unique set of characters and an engaging story. It has a massive fan base as thousands

A Walk-Through of the Different Geiger Comic Issues

Geiger is a popular comic from Image Comics with a unique set of characters and an engaging story. It has a massive fan base as thousands love the story and artwork delivered by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Up until now, there are six issues of the Geiger comic. Here is a brief review of the different issues and what makes each stand out.

Reviewing the Different Geiger Comic Issues

Image Comics has published six issues of the Geiger Comic, each with a different storyline. All six issues are record-breaking, having sold thousands of copies globally and attracting a considerable following in less than a decade.

Here is a brief walkthrough of the different Geiger issues to highlight what to expect if you are not familiar with the comic:

Geiger Issue 1

The first issue of Geiger, the comic, received quite a reception in the industry. The story is set in a high-radiation environment filled with dangerous creatures like the organ people and night crawlers. Because of the radiation, everybody has to wear a suit and keep off the creatures breeding grounds.

However, Geiger survives without a suit, so the community gives him nicknames like the walking bomb and the meltdown man. The comic explains how Geiger came to be, his experience in the war, and what he has to do to keep his family safe in the shelter.

Geiger Issue 2

Issue number 2 of the Geiger comic is set in Las Vegas, the atomic wasteland, months before the war. It explains how he became the meltdown man and starts as Geiger talks with his doctor about untreatable cancer in his body.

Within the comic, the king of the wasteland banishes the glowing man from the town to live in the wastelands. However, Geiger’s intentions are genuine as he is seen multiple times saving Hailey and Henry from mutated creatures.

Geiger Issue 3

The third issue of Geiger is a continuation of his journey with Hailey and Henry as they escape Las Vegas. The two children are left helpless after their mother gets killed on their way to safety.

Geiger later learns that the king’s scavengers are after these kids. It was these soldiers that were responsible for his family’s death. The comic ends as he vows to get Hailey and Henry to the safe zone.

Geiger Issue 4

Geoff Johns introduces readers to the post-apocalyptic world of Geiger in the fourth issue of the Geiger comic. The main character is a radiation-mutated glowing man protecting his family from creatures and scavengers in the wastelands.

In this issue, he already knows his family is dead and must protect two kids he ran into until they escape the remnants of Las Vegas. It starts with Dr. Molotov working on Geiger’s chemotherapy and shows us how Geiger and the kids got to safety.

Geiger Issue 5

Geiger issue number 5 is also an exceptional piece of Geiger’s story. It details his journey to Norad, a haven in the wastelands, and all the challenges they face. They run into the US military and hand the Nuclear football to the President. Luckily, he uses his powers to escape and save the kids.

Geiger Issue 6

The sixth issue of Geiger also stands out from the catalog. The issue revolves around Geiger, Henry, and Hailey after they get captured by the US government. They then discovered they had the Nuclear Football, a device providing control over the US nuclear weapons. Note that it’s the final piece of the story and explains more about the glowing man and the war.

Geiger is a creation all comic enthusiasts should consider reading. Reading this article will help summarize Geiger’s story in the wastelands and increase your interest in Image Comics production.

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