rolled ice cream

What is so special about rolled ice cream?

Have you heard of rolled ice cream? If you haven’t, you’re definitely not alone. The rolled ice cream phenomenon began in Thailand as a way to make traditional ice cream more efficiently and has since made its way across the globe to the United States and other countries. With this delicious dessert on the rise, it’s important to understand what makes rolled ice cream so special — and why it could be worth your time and money to enjoy it at home!

rolled ice cream

How rolled ice cream is different from other forms of ice cream

One of its biggest differences is that it isn’t churned. Instead, a flavor and other ingredients are poured onto a frozen granite stone to create a soft slab. The ice-cream maker then scrapes that slab with a spatula until it hardens, like an old record player. He or she does all of that with an astounding amount of showmanship, creating whatever design you want in just minutes, even writing your name with chocolate syrup. Unlike many forms of ice cream, there are no added preservatives; everything is mixed in on-site. It’s more healthy than regular ice cream because there aren’t as many additives to give it taste and texture.

The ingredient list

The list of ingredients for rolled ice cream may seem a little long, but most of them are pretty much standard across all recipes. The ingredients include sweetened condensed milk, shaved ice (usually from a machine), flavorings, and toppings. There’s also corn starch, but that’s a minor player when it comes to taste and texture—it’s included as an emulsifier that keeps flavors evenly distributed throughout the dessert. Sugar syrup is optional in some recipes; it adds sweetness and body to your finished roll. Another optional ingredient: alcohol, which isn’t common in most rolls but can add another level of flavor if you have some around.

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The process behind it

Rolled ice cream, otherwise known as bubble waffle, originated in Thailand and then gained popularity in Taiwan. The Japanese cuisine Yoku Moku brought it to Manila last year. A few things make its creation unique firstly, there are no machines involved in its production; instead, everything is done manually by specially-trained staff. Secondly, unlike traditional ice cream that uses a machine to freeze liquid from around minus 20 degrees Celsius to minus 45 degrees Celsius on average and then mixed with ingredients such as milk and sugar after softening it up with nitrogen gas for 10 minutes, everything about rolled ice cream happens at room temperature (about 24 degrees Celsius) thanks to liquid nitrogen. With only one chance to fold it right or wrong, each ball of ice cream must be made carefully using nothing but spatulas and scoops into balls before being flattened out on a long table covered with plastic sheets. Then they’re flavored with syrups ranging from cookies ‘n’ cream and mango strawberry to chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella—it’s pure genius! You don’t have to feel bad enjoying something so delicious either since the finished product contains fewer calories than regular ice cream! With new branches popping up left and right all over Metro Manila, if you haven’t tried rolled ice cream yet now’s definitely your chance.

MAKING rolled ice cream

The cost

It can be a bit pricey. If you’re looking for something cheap and fast, stick to your standard scoops from a countertop ice cream machine. The price of one cup varies from shop to shop, but expect to pay at least $4.00 if you’re trying it for the first time. However, these shops tend to give you less whipped cream (no added calories!) than what you get with an order of rolled ice cream. So factor that into your decision!

How long does it take to make rolled ice cream?

The process of making rolled ice cream isn’t that long, usually taking between 10-15 minutes from start to finish. This is due to one of two things either it takes a while for your order to be prepared, or they’re rolling out more than one order at a time. It depends on how busy they are and whether or not there are orders in front of yours.

PROCESS rolled ice cream

Why do people go nuts over rolled ice cream?

You probably already know that Ice Cream Parlors are popular these days. It’s not surprising because everyone loves Ice Cream. Ice Cream is a favorite dessert for many people and you can find it in most restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and even food trucks. Although we all love Ice Cream there’s another unique type of Ice Cream called Rolled Ice Cream. These parlors are gaining popularity because Rolled Ice Cream isn’t like regular soft serve ice cream or hard-packed snow/Ice cream, it’s completely different! As an entrepreneur, you should be wondering if there’s a market for more options in your town or the city where you live.

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