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A Tribute to Loaded French Fries Mr Fries Man

mr fries man

A Tribute to Loaded French Fries Mr Fries Man has made a return to L.A., thanks to Chef Craig Batiste’s Counter-Service Fries Shop. Now with locations in Inglewood and Atlanta, Mr. Fries Man brings his own unique spin on classic American fare. Read on for more information. And stay tuned for updates on new menu items and location availability. Until then, check out this article for a sneak peek of the menu.

Chef Craig Batiste’s fast-casual tribute to loaded French fries

A Californian chef who shares a fast-casual restaurant with a Los Angeles restaurant chain is Mr. Fries Man. The fast-casual restaurant focuses on fried potatoes and offers them in to-go containers. Batiste’s father, a former medical tech, grew up in the Los Angeles area and ran a barbecue restaurant, Big’s BBQ, where he sold to-go containers of fries. He soon began posting pictures of his fries on Instagram, earning more than 65,000 followers.

The fast-casual restaurant first opened seven months ago, and has since become wildly successful. The restaurant is now famous for chef Craig Batiste’s signature “HELLLOOOOO” greeting on Instagram. The business is now doubling in size, with the first location opening less than two miles from the Strip. Chef Craig Batiste has a background in food service and has even worked as a ramp agent at LAX.

Locations in L.A.

The Los Angeles underground foodie craze has brought Mr. Fries Man to the Inglewood area with the opening of its latest pick-up location. Located at 1120 W. Florence Ave. Suite C, Inglewood, Ca. 90301, the restaurant serves a variety of loaded fries. In addition to the California locations, Mr. Fries Man also has stores in Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah. It is open Monday through Sunday from 11:00am to 9pm.

The first Mr. Fries Man location started out as a pop-up in a parking lot in Gardena, CA. Chef Craig Batiste, a member of the underground community of African-American chefs, began selling homemade meals on social media. Since then, the concept has spread beyond the Los Angeles area to other cities across the country, with plans to expand to Utah and Las Vegas. This new venture continues to grow with the addition of Mr. Fries Man locations in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

While Batiste’s new Mr. Fries Man locations are a great way to support the restaurant’s local economy, the company has faced challenges of its own. The recent flu pandemic triggered many restaurants to close permanently. Batiste decided to open up a franchise in Inglewood and expanded his business beyond the city. However, one of his closest friends lost her job on Christmas Eve, and his idea became a business opportunity. Since then, Mr. Fries Man’s Instagram account has gained over 280k followers and has even gained the attention of hip hop superstar Nipsey Hussle.


The popular burger and fry chain is expanding in South LA, opening its second pick-up location in Inglewood this week. The company opened its first location in Gardena about three years ago and took over a former Cuban restaurant last September. The new location will open on March 16, but there’s still a two-week buildout period ahead. The menu will offer half-dozen meat options, including Beyond Meat and veggie burgers.

The new Mr. Fries Man location is located at 1120 W. Florence Ave., Suite C, Inglewood, California 90301. Mathieu says he hopes to expand the company’s footprint east in the near future. As a franchise owner, he is focusing on expanding in the next several years. He hopes to open multiple locations across the southeast and eastern U.S. in 2020.

Mr Fries Man Atlanta

Opening next month, Mr. Fries Man Atlanta will serve counter-service fries with inventive toppings. The concept originated in Los Angeles, where it is part of an underground foodie revolution. The Atlanta location will have six franchised locations by the end of the year. In addition to its original location, Mr. Fries Man is open in various other locations in California, Nevada, and Utah. Customers can customize their burgers, fries, and extras to create a customized burger.

Mathieu plans to expand his franchise throughout the Southeast. Right now, he has one location in Atlanta. But he hopes to expand it further east in the future. Mathieu is looking forward to serving the Atlanta community with his new concept. He says the Atlanta location will be a huge success and hopes to replicate his Inglewood success. While Mathieu is in administrative mode, he hopes to open a Mr. Fries Man in another city soon.

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