What is the Fastest Speed Cuber?


If you want to find out what the fastest speed cuber is, watch the documentary The Speed Cubers, which focuses on top champions like Feliks Zemdegs, Max Park, and Sue Kim. It is well worth a watch if you are into speed cubing and have the time to watch it. Those who have no time to watch the documentary will be pleasantly surprised. After watching this, you’ll be a faster speed cuber than you were before.

Feliks Zemdegs

A documentary about world speed cubing champions, including Feliks Zemdegs, Max Park, and Sue Kim, is titled The Speed Cubers. The film features interviews with each of the three champions and features the film’s original music. You will also learn more about the history of speed cubing. Whether you are a fan of speed cubing or not, the film will make you want to get out there and try a speed cubing challenge yourself!

Zemdegs is an Australian speed cuber and former world champion, holding 11 world titles and numerous Oceania records. He is a color-neutral CFOP solver and knows several different subsets, including the Yau method for 4x4s and reduction for larger cubes. His technique makes him a worldwide pop culture icon. He is also known for juggling four balls and performing 3 ball tricks.

Max Park

A documentary about speedcubing champions, Feliks Zemdegs, Max Park, and Sue Kim, is a must-see for anyone interested in the sport. The film follows the journeys of these athletes and shows how they came to conquer their speed-cubing goals. Watch the film to see the passion behind these athletes’ achievements. You will be enthralled by their achievements and the inspiring stories of their lives.

The documentary is a wonderful way to learn more about the sport and its history. It also reveals the personal stories of two world-class speed cubbers. Although this sport is not widespread, it still attracts a lot of media attention and media coverage during competitions. A complete educational book about the sport has been created to help people learn more about it. It gives readers the background information they need to understand the sport better.

YJ Yulong V2M

YJ Yulong speed cubers are an excellent choice for any serious speed cube enthusiast. They are affordable and feature updated designs, such as ridges on the edges and slots for magnets. Aside from being an excellent purchase, these cubes are easy to use and will keep cube enthusiasts happy for years to come. Listed below are some of the features of this model.

YJ YuLong V2M speed cubes are excellent for beginning players, but if you are on a budget, you might want to consider the cheaper versions. The YuLong V2M speed cube has medium-strength magnets, which improve the cube’s stability and overall performance. The premium-looking design of this speed cube will make it the perfect gift for beginners or seasoned cubers.

GAN 11 M Pro

If you’re looking for the best 3×3 magnetic speed cube, the GAN 11 M PRO is an excellent choice. This model boasts an omnidirectional magnetic core and eight pairs of magnets from the core to the corner base. It also features a dual adjustment system, making it the perfect choice for people who are serious about improving their game. GAN cubes are known for their excellent quality and performance, and the GAN 11 M Pro is no exception.

The GAN 11 M Pro is one of the company’s flagship models. This model has a matte finish, corner-cutting, and magnetic strength. The cube’s small size makes it the perfect travel companion. This GAN pyraminx is also one of the first to feature a core-edge magnetic posting system. It also comes with GES nuts and magnetic pieces. In addition, the cube can be customized with different magnets to increase the speed and stability.


If you’ve been looking for a new speed cube, you might have heard about the MoYu WeiLong GTS M2 or the QiYi GTS M2. These new speed cubers were designed to improve on the original GTS and are a great addition to your collection. This magnetic version is easy to control and has magnetic cores inside its corner and edge pieces.

The M2 speed cube is made of high-quality materials that make it easy to use. Its base is wider, and its pieces feature higher ridges and grooves to help prevent pop-outs. The edges are designed to interlock with the centerpieces, which can be a good thing, because they don’t interfere with the solve. The hard matte plastic on the QiYi GTS M2 speed cuber is extremely durable and gliding, but at high speeds it can be uncontrollable and a potential hazard. You may end up losing a lookahead with this cube, but the cube is still quite stable and works great for beginners.

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