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vladislava shelyginaModel, social media influencer, or Adult star? Whatever you’re looking for, Vladislava Shelygina may be the perfect match. Find out more about her career, her life, and her Zodiac sign. Then, learn what your sign can tell you about her. We’ve got the scoop on Vladislava Shelygina! Here are 10 things about this incredibly popular star! Here are some fun facts about her:


Vladislava Shelygina is a Russian model who was born in Monchegorsk, Russia. Although she was born in Russia, she later moved to Finland to study and pursue her career. Vladislava focuses on her health and follows healthy eating habits. She likes to share pictures of her childhood and has more than a million Instagram followers. She is an avid fitness fan who enjoys playing video games and cooking.

In addition to her Instagram and Twitter accounts, Vladislava Shelygina has a Patreon page where she shares premium content with subscribers. Vladislava Shelygina has two different subscription plans for her Patreon account, and subscribers can pay up to EUR8 per month. Despite the limited amount of content available, Vladislava Shelygina regularly posts engaging content. Her following on Instagram is over 2.1 million, as well as her backup account with another 483k follower. She has more than 240k followers on Twitter.

Social media influencer

A social media influencer, model and actress, Vladislava Shelygina was born in Monchegorsk, Russia. She has millions of followers and has endorsed numerous brands. Vladislava is a Russian national, follows the Christian faith and is very private. She has not disclosed her alleged relationship with actor and businessman Daniel Craig, though she has publicly acknowledged his interest in the social media site.

Despite her booming popularity, Vladislava is extremely private. She is not married and has no kids. During her school days, she attended a private school and later moved to Finland to attend university. Vladislava became a social media influencer in February 2016 and has since won several celebrity endorsements. Her personal life is fairly private, although she does have an account on the site Only Fans, which allows paid subscribers to view her content.

Vladislava Shelygina Adult star

The social media star and model, Vladislava Shelygina, was born in Finland but has Russian heritage. She has millions of followers on her social media pages and posts hot pictures of herself on the internet. She is a gamer who wears spectacles while playing games. She is also an expert pole dancer and is learning the Finnish language. If you’re curious about her background, read on to learn more about her.

Born on February 8, 2001, Vladislava is a fitness freak and a talented adult star. The star celebrated her birthday with family and friends on February 8 this year. She is a sign of the zodiac, the ram, which makes her exceptionally intelligent, exceptional, and upbeat. Her birthday is on February 8, so she’s a great fit for this sign! She also posts different kinds of content on her official channels.

Zodiac sign

When we talk about Vladislava Shelygina, we will talk about the woman who is known as the Russian supermodel. She is an Aquarius and hails from the city of Monchegorsk in Russia. She was born on February 8 and has an impressive following of over 2.200,000 people. She enjoys modeling and shares her childhood pictures with her fans. She is a fitness fanatic and prefers to eat high-protein foods.

Although she was born into a Russian family, she has been able to gather a variety of knowledge in her life. She attended Rauman Normaalikoulu School in Finland, where she received her education. She is currently 21 years old and is known for her stunning looks and weight. She is also the proud owner of a silver Glitter and diamond studs. She does not smoke and does not have any children.

Vladislava Shelygina Net worth

The amount of money that Vladislava Shelygina has in her net worth is not clear. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. She has gained knowledge in a variety of areas through her studies. She attended Rauman Normaalikoulu School in Finland. She was born on February 8, 2001. Her height, weight, and other attributes have made her quite popular. Read on to learn about her net worth and other facts about her.

In addition to her social media accounts, Vladislava Shelygina also has a paid subscription service called Onlyfans. Her subscribers pay a monthly fee of $10 to access exclusive content. She also earns through paid promotions and sponsorships. It’s not clear how much money she earns from these sources. The net worth of Vladislava Shelygina depends on the sources she utilizes to earn money.

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