Who is Toriah Lachell?

toriah lachell

Toriah Lachell is an American hairstylist and model. She is the ex-girlfriend of basketball player Jayson Tatum. She was born in Missouri, USA. Although she has not made her exact date of birth public, she is believed to be 22 years old as of 2022. Born to John and Julie Lachell, she is of mixed ancestry. Her parents are Christian and have raised her in a loving household.

Toriah Lachell is an American hairstylist

The American professional hair stylist Toriah Lachell is the owner of the salon The Curl Bar in Boston, Massachusetts. Lachell is married to NBA player Jayson Tatum, who played for the Boston Celtics. The couple divorced in 2017 and Lachell moved on to start a new relationship with Samie Amos, a former Duke volleyball player. Toriah Lachell is currently earning an average salary of $27,380 as a hair stylist. It is likely that Lachell will reach a net worth of $100K by 2022.

Lachell was born in Missouri. She is the daughter of John and Julie Gibbs. Her parents divorced, but she has a close relationship with her stepfather. She also has a half-brother named Morgan. Her mother shares her last name with her husband. Her parents split when she was a child. While she remained close to her biological father, she has always maintained a close relationship with her stepfather.

She is the ex-girlfriend of basketball player Jayson Tatum

Toriah Lachell is an American-born hairstylist who was involved with basketball star Jayson Tatum in the early months of 2020. Born to Julie and John Lachell, she was raised by her parents. She attended Chaminade College Preparatory School in Massachusetts. Her parents are from Mississippi, but she does not reveal more about her educational background.

During his early days of playing basketball, Jayson Tatum was linked to British R&B singer Ella Mai. However, rumours of the relationship were quickly dispelled when Tatum was seen at an R&B concert in Baltimore, Maryland. Later, the singer watched him play during a game for the Boston Celtics. Despite the rumors of a breakup, the star is very private about his dating life and maintains a high privacy level. His former girlfriend, Toriah Lachell, has a daughter, Deuce.

She has a mixed ethnicity

The American actress, social media influencer, and model Toriah Lachell is of mixed ethnicity. She was born in Missouri in February 2000. She holds dual American citizenship and is a proud member of the Black community. Lachell was raised in St. Louis and attended Chaminade College Preparatory School. She has a son named Jayson Junior with her ex-boyfriend, NBA small forward Jayson Tatum. The couple met at Chaminade College Preparatory School and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Lachell and Tatum met while they were in high school and later divorced.

Toriah Lachell’s relationship with NBA player Jayson Tatum has been a media attention-grabbing subject. Her pictures were posted online and quickly went viral. Toriah Lachell and Tatum met in high school and were quickly linked. They were engaged, but separated in 2017.

She is a Christian

Toriah Lachell is a famous social media influencer, singer and hairstylist. She runs her own business, The Curl Bar Boston. She is famous as Jayson Tatum’s ex-girlfriend but has continued her normal life. Born on 21 February 2000 in Missouri, Lachell belongs to the Christianity religion. She is an American citizen and has no siblings.

Toriah Lachell is a Christian and an entrepreneur. Her parents are American, and she holds dual nationality. She was born to John Gibbs and is of mixed race. Although she has never mentioned her parents in the media, she grew up in a loving household. Her parents were both teachers, and she attended the Chaminade College Preparatory School in Missouri.

Toriah Lachell is a social media influencer

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Toriah Lachell has an Instagram account

Toriah Lachell is an American beauty queen who grew up in Missouri and went on to start a hair salon called The Curl Bar Boston. The star has an Instagram account and describes herself as a Curl Specialist. She is twenty-two years old and has five feet eight inches of height and weighs 59 kilograms. Her hair is black curly and only a few inches long, and her measurements are 35-28-38.

Despite her young age, Lachell has been a sensation for quite some time. The tween grew up in St. Louis and was scouted by a modeling agency through her Instagram account. She has since modeled for numerous brands, including Fashion Nova, and even appeared in an episode of Pretty Little Thing. Although the couple split a few months after her son was born, she still makes time for her son, who has begun to resemble his famous father Jayson.

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