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What Everyone Needs to Know About Mikey Williams Sister Jada

If you’ve heard of Mikey Williams, then you know that he has an older sister named Jada Williams. But who is Mikey Williams sister Jada and what’s she all about? In this article, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about Mikey Williams’ sister Jada Williams, like her family tree and history, as well as her most famous projects and ventures. So get ready to learn more about this talented African-American businesswoman!

An insight into her life

Jada Williams is the sister of YouTube sensation, rapper, and actor, Michael. She recently gained attention when she posted a now-viral tweet about how hard it is being Michael’s sibling. It’s not easy being the little sister of a star – people don’t want to deal with your talent because they’re too busy fawning over your brother. But that doesn’t mean she won’t find her own way in this world!

Why she’s an inspiration for many

In the aftermath of her brother’s death, Jada has used his memory as a message for others. I’m not going to allow this tragedy that happened to him and my family change who I am or what my goals are, she said in an interview with Rolling Stone.
He was all about helping people, and I want to carry on that legacy. She has gone on speaking tours and created a nonprofit organization called the MIKEY WILDS Foundation, which is dedicated to empowering young people by teaching them how to start their own companies and become entrepreneurs. And while she could have easily focused on herself, she instead chose family by adopting her two younger brothers.
Even though she’s a successful singer, model and businesswoman, Jada has never forgotten about her mission. She wants kids of color and anyone who feels like they don’t have a voice to be inspired by her work. This is your moment, not mine, she said during an appearance on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday. Don’t let it pass you by because I have been here longer than you have … I don’t want that responsibility if I could be inspiring someone else.

Her achievements in modelling

Williams has been involved in the industry for a long time, having signed with Wilhelmina Models and L.A. Models at the age of 16, and then signing with IMG Models five years later in 2006. She has walked the runway for designers including Jeremy Scott, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs. She’s also been featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Italy, Elle UK and Vogue Japan.

Williams is now represented by The Lions Agency in New York City where she continues to work as a model today. Williams began her acting career when she was cast in 2002’s Lawless Heart alongside James Franco. In 2005, she appeared on HBO’s Big Love opposite Bill Paxton and Jeanne Tripplehorn.
In 2013, Williams had her first lead role in the short film Lost Cause opposite Adriana Lima.

She supports various charities

Jada Williams is the sister of popular YouTuber and comedian, Mikey Williams. She has been a huge supporter of her brother’s channel for years, making appearances in many of his videos. In addition to being a social media star in her own right with over 500k followers on Instagram and Twitter, she is also an aspiring fashion designer! Her style is confident, eclectic and always full of life.

She is most popularly known as Mikey Williams’ sister, but what is she like outside of her YouTube appearances? What charities does she support? Who is she dating? What makes her so confident? Keep reading and you will find out more about her right here!
She is a social media star in her own right: with over 500k followers on Instagram and Twitter, Jada is an aspiring fashion designer. Her style is confident, eclectic and always full of life. Her brother, Mikey Williams said she’s been fearless since she was little, She’d climb everything in sight, run around like crazy and get lost all of the time. I have pictures of her falling off slides when she was only a year or two old! She would fall down stairs but by some miracle not hurt herself at all. Even as a kid she loved fashion.

She has an amazing style

Jada has been a style icon for years and has used her platform as a model to encourage young girls around the world to be confident in themselves. She is an advocate for the #LoveYourFace campaign, which encourages women of color with dark skin tones not to shy away from wearing make-up.

The idea behind it is that women should be proud of their natural beauty and show it off! Mikey and his sister have such an amazing bond, she was by his side when he became a reality star on Dancing With the Stars and supported him throughout his cancer treatment.
She is always there for him even if he’s just down the street from her.
Jada is so excited to watch Mikey on Dancing With The Stars because she knows how hard he works on dancing every week before going into chemo treatments to try and stay positive through it all.

She takes great photos

She has a following on Instagram and other social media accounts that have grown rapidly in recent months. Her account on Instagram is: @jadawilliams_ and she posts about everything from her personal life, the reality of being a female athlete, and motivational messages for her followers. In addition, she posts workouts that are different than what you typically see on Instagram.

She also posts inspirational quotes from herself and other influential people like: Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become words. Keep your words positive because your words become actions. Keep your actions positive because your actions become habits.

It’s a great way to see how she makes her workouts her own, and there are plenty of great tips that you can use in your own workout routine. It’s also fun to see what inspires her and how she applies those messages in her daily life. Her Instagram account is definitely worth checking out.

Her following on Instagram and other social media accounts have grown rapidly in recent months.

Jada has been a popular figure on Instagram for some time now, with an impressive following of over 2.6 million followers. But in recent months, her following has gone through the roof: in just one day she gained more than 200 thousand new followers. What is it about this woman that inspires so many people?

In case you’re not familiar with her story, she’s the sister of famous Instagrammer Mikey Williams (@mikeyy_williams), who’s garnered nearly 4 million followers and is known for his hilarious jokes and memes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here to see his account!

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