Trino Marín Second Wife

Trino Marín Second Wife – First Wife Or Second Wife?

Trino Marín Second Wife -Trino Marin married Jenni Rivera in 1992 but the relationship was not a happy one. The two separated in 1992 due to mistreatment. In 2017, their younger daughter was invited to meet her father again. As of yet, the actor isn’t known to have a second wife.

Jenni Rivera

Trino Marín Second Wife has a long history in the music industry. She began dating Trino in the mid-1980s, and the two were married on February 15, 1984. Their relationship lasted ten years, and Jenni gave birth to their first child, Jacqueline, when she was still a high school student. The couple separated in 1992 but remained close as they stayed in touch with each other.

Before their marriage, Jenni Rivera had a career in regional Mexican music, particularly Norteno and Mariachi. Her firstborn child was a singer, and the two other daughters were actresses. Before their marriage, they were well-known musicians in their respective genres.

The couple divorced in 1992 and Jenni was awarded custody of the three children. However, she was not made aware of the abuse scandal involving her ex-husband until many years after the divorce. She didn’t learn about Jose’s misdeeds until Rosie confessed to it in 1997. In this case, she alleged that Jose had physically assaulted their daughter Chiquis.


Trino Marín Second Wife and Jose Trinidad have three children together. They have one son and two daughters. Jenni’s marriage to Jose ended due to emotional abuse and abusive behavior from her husband. In addition to the sexual assault and rape, he was accused of sexually abusing Jenni’s sister Rosie. In 2007, the judge sentenced him to 31 years in prison.

Trino Marin and Jenni Rivera are both Mexican Americans. Jenni was a singer, actress, songwriter, television producer, and philanthropist. She had many talents and was a devoted artist.

Jenni Rivera met Jose Marn when she was in middle school, and the two fell in love. However, Jenni was not the best mother, and her marriage ended after Jose hurt Jenni. In 1985, Jenni was pregnant. Her husband, Jose, was abusive to Jenni, her sister-in-law, and his children. He was later convicted of tormenting his family, which resulted in a prison sentence for him. He has three children, one of which is named Michael.

Since then, Rivera has built her acting resume and appeared in the movies Danger One, Skin in the Game, and Pandora. She has also acted in several TV shows, including Preso No. 1 and Pandora. In the latter, she played a character that suffered physical and sexual abuse.

Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin is a Mexican-American entrepreneur and former boxer. He has a second wife named Jenni Rivera. Jenni got pregnant with her first child at the age of fifteen, while still in high school. Despite being a minor, Jenni suffered real abuse from her husband, and the marriage ended. However, Jose also abused his children and his sister-in-law. He was even sent to prison for torturing his family. Michael Rivera, Jenney’s son, was born in 2000.

The former couple has three children together: Jacquie Campos, Michael Marin, and Chiquis Rivera. Jacquie met her father for the first time in 2017 and posted photos to her Instagram account. Rosie Rivera, another daughter of Jose Trinidad Marin, has also forgiven him. Although she has not spoken to him in a long time, Rosie has forgiven him and wants him to attend a conference for sexual abuse victims.

The couple divorced after suffering physical and emotional abuse. Nevertheless, they had two more children. Their relationship began when they were in high school. Besides, they were both in a romantic relationship at that time. Jenni had been dating Trino for about five years before she married him.

While a Christian, Jose Marin’s behavior was far from exemplary. The former boxer was convicted of child abuse in 2006, but despite his attempts to hide his actions and a new identity, he remained imprisoned. He was eventually caught, and convicted of nine felonies, including lewd acts on a child, oral coercion of a minor, and aggravated sexual assault.


Trino Marín Second Wife -Jose Trinidad Marin’s first wife, Jenni Reverie, is an American-Mexican who married the former Mexican star in 1984. The couple has three children together. Jenni was Jose’s first love in high school. However, the relationship didn’t last long and the two split up.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s first wife, Jenni Rivera, is a successful singer. The two were married in 1984 and had three children together. Sadly, Jenni died in a plane crash on the 9th of December 2012, when she was just 43 years old. However, Jenni’s children are making their way into the music and television industries.

Before marrying Jenni, Jose Trinidad Marin was working as an administrator at a Mexican-American cafe. This was his only source of income. He is an American citizen with an American-Mexican passport. He was raised in Mexico before he moved to the United States permanently.

Before marrying Jenni, Jose Marin had a brief engagement with her. Jenni Rivera became pregnant while still in high school. The two married in 1984 and had a daughter, Chiquis Jarney Marin Rivera, in 1985.

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