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Why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most used marketing platforms worldwide. Facebook has more than 2.5 billion users and has expanded its advertising network to accommodate a wider range of businesses.

While many of the benefits of advertising through a Facebook ad agency are obvious, paid advertising can be complex. Before you can understand the benefits Facebook offers businesses, and how its paid advertising network was built to provide a variety of advertising options, you need to be able to see how it may help you reach new customers.

We’ve created this article to help explain and take advantage of Facebook’s advertising advantages.

Micro-target your exact audiences

Social media advertising, for most platforms, allows advertisers to target their audience using data from users. Facebook is no exception. Facebook advertising is data-rich, which is one of its main advantages. You can micro-target the best audiences for your business.

Facebook ad agency offer extremely targeted options. It allows businesses to define their audiences using the above categories. Then, they can set up campaigns to target these core audiences. Another benefit of Facebook advertising is the ability for you to target people who have already interacted with your brand.

More ad types to suit your business needs

Facebook advertising offers another advantage: it allows you to choose from a variety of ad types that are not available on other paid channels.

You have many options for advertising on Facebook.


These single static images can be accompanied by a caption.


You can set video ads to appear in-stream or in user feeds. Stories are also available.


These are customizable ads that fill the entire screen. These ads can be a video or static images. Tap on Stories ads to take the user to your website (or any other page that you have set).


These ads appear in the Messenger App between conversations.


Carousel ads contain up to ten static images the user can scroll through.


These ads feature short video-like clips with sound, motion, and text.


These ads feature multiple products in one ad. Each product can be interacted with individually by the user.


These interactive demo games allow users to preview the app before downloading it.

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to advertise your business. You don’t have to use certain ad types, and you aren’t restricted by plain text ads like you are with search engine PPC. These ads are more effective for branding because they allow marketers to create creative, visual, and graphic-styled ads with multi-media elements (text, video, etc.

Inexpensive and affordable

Facebook Ads, like many other pay-per-click advertising platforms, are free to all businesses. The Ads Manager tool is also free. Only costs associated with setting up a budget and running ads are included.

Facebook ads’ cost depends on a number of factors. These include your budget, your ad type, your industry, and so on. Marketers should expect to pay between a few cents and a couple of dollars per click.

  • Facebook ads are affordable.
  • Facebook ads can deliver very quick results
  • Facebook business ads are great for companies that want to run both long-term and short-term digital marketing strategies. They can provide revenue/conversion right away. They are best for quick results.

After a campaign is set up in Ads Manager, it is reviewed by Facebook. Once they go live they begin working immediately and start showing your brand/products instantly to thousands of people. Facebook ads are usually approved within 24 hours. This gives businesses the opportunity to get sales in a matter of days.

Facebook offers ads to help you achieve your business goals

Marketers have the option to choose from a variety of advertising objectives that best suit their business goals. This is great for companies that are looking to achieve different goals with their ads. For example, ads can be designed to drive more: post engagement/interaction, site traffic, lead generation, etc.

Facebook advertising can be beneficial for your business because you can set up ” Advertising Objectives” to increase brand awareness, brand consideration, and conversions. You can create ads for specific purposes, such as:

  • These boosted post ads are designed to increase engagement and promote high-value content.
  • Promotions on Facebook are designed to get more people to like your page and engage with it.
  • Refer traffic to your website with site ads
  • Call-to-action promotions. With a customized button, people can interact with your site.

Their ad platform allows businesses to focus on larger goals such as sales, leads, and visibility. Facebook’s Ads Manager tool provides these benefits through a variety of ad objectives. You have the option to create and set objectives.

  • Based on audience interests, lead generation, and information collection.
  • You can increase conversions by anything, from app interactions to product sales, downloads, form-filling outs, and more.
  • Focus on brand awareness by reaching more people and displaying your ads in front of people who are more likely to pay attention.

You can reach more people than just organic social media

Advertising on Facebook is also worthwhile. Because it will allow businesses to reach more people than they can with their social media marketing. They’ll also be able to expand their reach via social media.

Paid and organic advertising don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can use both! Paid ads can also improve organic traffic by using ad types that are specifically tailored for engagement, signups, or followings. Paid ads will also do it quicker – which is one of the main benefits of Facebook advertising. Paid ads have higher engagement, more impressions, and more conversions. This allows your content to get more views.

Facebook ads can be used to increase visibility and traffic to a business’s core content on Facebook. It is possible to target Facebook ads so that they generate more site traffic, more impressions, and even a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Your paid-marketing campaigns will be more successful if you can incorporate your content. Facebook ads are a popular channel. In fact, Facebook is used by 90 million small businesses to market.

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