Tricks to Market Your Upcoming Books

Tricks to Market Your Upcoming Books

Not everything is as easy as asking for online assignment help. However, technology has made our lives easy. The market industry benefited the most.

Previously companies only had a few options, such as TV, print media, hoardings, radio, and other options. But now, companies use different social media platforms and SEO tools to reach out to their target audience and make them aware of the latest products and services.

However, bookworms still prefer to choose hardback or paperback over PDF when it comes to reading a book. So, let’s discuss a few ways an author can market their upcoming books.

  • Create a plan– Even experts who help with assignments create a plan and proceed. A plan helps them to proceed systematically.

Make a list of the marketing channels and technologies that will enable you to connect with a particular target market.

You can target millions of potential readers on BookBub, for instance, who have 42 categories and who you can reach with BookBub Ads or Featured Deals.

You might also target blogs and newspapers specific to a certain genre for promotions.

  • Create an author website– Your website should be a marketing tool that acts as the center of all your online activity, including blogging, book sales, newsletter emails, and social media participation.

To create a website quickly, use a platform like WordPress or Wix.

  • Link to already published books– To make it simple for readers to find all the books you’ve authored, create a website page connecting to them.

To make it easy for readers to buy your books wherever they shop, provide book covers, succinct elevator pitches, and links to various shops.

  • Welcome subscribers– Send welcome emails to those who sign up for your updates via your website, thanking them for joining with a link to an ebook or some other freebie.
  • Claim social media profiles– Obtain your username for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and About Me.

If you don’t have active accounts on all of the sites, at least claim your name and point visitors to the social media platforms on which you are most active.

From artists to assignment makers who provide assignment writing help, use different social media channels to make the customers aware.

  • Create a video blog– Add YouTube videos to blog posts and embed each. You can respond to questions from viewers, interview another author in a pair, propose books, or read a passage from a forthcoming book in these videos.

Before concentrating on production quality, try a few quick videos to see whether you feel comfortable vlogging.

  • Hire a cover designer– A fantastic cover design may significantly impact your sales figures.

For instance, R.L. Mathewson, a romance author, increased the number of copies she sold daily of her book Playing for Keeps from five or six to over one thousand by changing the cover art.

It’s usually worthwhile to hire a designer to design a slick cover that appeals to readers in your genre.

  • Unify cover designs in a series manner– To make readers’ decision to buy a book in a series simple, establish consistent branding between books.

Readers are frequently more likely to recognize related titles and buy additional books when the cover and title are consistent.

  • Elevator pitch– Write a succinct, snappy elevator pitch that outlines the book’s main themes, the universe readers will be immersed in, why readers should care, and any awards the book or author has won.

A compelling elevator pitch will increase its allure when readers are contemplating whether or not to buy a book.

  • A/B test marketing copy– A/B testing provides quantitative data as opposed to polls (i.e., the number of clicks).

Utilize your email service provider to do A/B tests on emails and determine which copy has the highest click-through rate, or A/B test your copy using Facebook and BookBub Ads.

  • Books for preorders– Since many merchants include all preorders as launch day sales, boosting preorder sales might help a book reach multiple bestseller lists.

They also increase a new book’s buzz and momentum, which may result in word-of-mouth sales.

  • Post a cover reveal on your blog– To arrange a cover reveal, collaborate with a blog or website well-liked by readers of your genre.

Linking to a page where people can preorder their copy can be a terrific method to kickstart preorder sales if you can make arrangements to have a book available for preorder in time for its cover release.

  • Providing advanced copies to bloggers– Get reviews before the book is out.

You can approach relevant bloggers with a pitch about the book or use resources like NetGalley or Edelweiss to get early reviewers.

They can post the reviews on their websites, blogs, or Goodreads even if they can’t review books on merchant websites until the day of release.

Contact Amazon customers who have reviewed books related to yours and have the “Top Reviewer” label.

They have demonstrated their expertise as reviewers by understanding what constitutes a good review, taking the time to create one that is useful, and having a quick turnaround when reading and writing reviews.

  • Contact press– Send an email with a book pitch and a free copy to the appropriate media outlets. Use a compelling subject line and opening paragraph.

Send a personalized letter and press release together with the book as follow-ups.

  • Social media brand photos– Social media photographs that author posts, such as those on Facebook and Twitter, are a fantastic branding opportunity for authors.

To ensure that all visitors to the page are aware of your most recent release, preorder, or price campaign, update your cover photo with branding.

MNCs to small businesses who deliver assignment writing services use this feature to reach out to their target consumers.


These can be considered as all the ways you can use to market your next books. Hire a social media manager because social media platforms effectively reach out to young readers. You can also use email marketing to attract readers.

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