Trade Show Stand Design

Trade Show Stand Design

Creating a draw card experience is an important part of any tradeshow stand design. Classic draws include product demonstrations and presentations. Incorporating both into the design of your tradeshow stand is crucial for attracting potential customers. Examples include the silent disco audio and paired ipad presenters for Allergan’s booth at CES 2016. Meanwhile, GAMA showed off their RediRoom mobile infection control room. The latter was a large-scale product demonstration.

Exhibit houses are facilities that house the exhibits used at a tradeshow. These facilities are often found within the convention center and are used to store and protect tradeshow exhibits. They are typically 10 x 10 square feet in size, and include a structure, hanging signs, and graphics. Display graphics are often printed on fabric or vinyl and can be suspended or retractable. Exhibit houses also offer installation and dismantle labor services.

The best way to choose the right exhibit house is to discuss the specific requirements of your exhibit with a representative. The representative will be able to advise you on what is available, as well as what you need to spend. Some exhibit houses can design and build custom booths, while others may rent standard booth structures.

Modular booths

Modular tradeshow booths allow you to customize your booth to fit the size and shape of the event. You can even add a custom graphic to create your own booth design. You can choose from different types of modular booths, including kiosks, tables, and more. They provide an accessible surface to engage leads and show off products and services.

However, modular tradeshow stands do have their disadvantages. You cannot use the same design at all trade shows, so you will not have much impact on the visitors. You also cannot change the graphics of a modular tradeshow stand. Modular tradeshow stands have a limited design, and you may not want to use the same design for years. Modular display stands may also look similar to other stands in the tradeshow.

Customizable displays

Trade show displays can come in many shapes and styles. Choosing which one is best for your business depends on your brand image and your promotional purpose. You may also want to consider your budget and event location. You should also consider your brand logo, since the shape of your logo will affect how your display is displayed.

If you are looking for a high-impact custom trade show display, there are a number of companies that specialize in this type of exhibit. Nimlok, for example, offers custom modular displays that are built to be a true representation of your brand. These displays provide the highest level of impact at trade shows and help you achieve your exhibiting goals. The displays feature premium fabric graphics and can be configured to fit multiple booth sizes.

Placement in central corridors

Placement of tradeshow stands in central corridor areas is an excellent way to get maximum exposure and engage with the largest number of visitors. The most appropriate position is near the entrance, in a central trade show floor corridor. This will allow you to take advantage of the two-sided exposure, which is highly advantageous for many exhibitors.

Interactive displays

The use of interactive displays at tradeshow stands is a great way to engage visitors with your brand. People love to interact with things they can touch, feel, and hear, so an interactive display at your booth can appeal to their interests. These displays are also great for encouraging visitors to connect with your brand after the show. Touchscreen kiosks can be used to draw people in from the aisle and help manage traffic in a busy sales booth. The more people interact with your booth, the more engaged they will be with your brand and your products.

Interactive displays at tradeshow stands should be easy to use, easy to navigate, and keep guests interested. Handheld digital devices such as iPads and other tablets can also be used to present a catalog of your products and services. It’s important to provide guests with personalized attention so they can find the information they’re looking for. Giving people direct access to the solution they need can really impress them.


The size of your trade show booth is one of the most important factors in choosing the right exhibit design. If you’re exhibiting at a regional convention, it may make more sense to rent a smaller booth and customize it, but if you’re attending a large national event, you will likely want a larger booth. The size of your exhibit booth depends on your budget and the amount of traffic you expect to attract. Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding on the booth size that best fits your business.

The size of your exhibition stand should reflect the overall image of your company. Although smaller tradeshow stands may be okay for a start-up, larger stands will be best for established brands.

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