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Tips for using the Costco Photo Centre

Local warehouse club for decades before I learned about all the services they offer. Many of them will save you a huge amount of money on prints, photo gifts, passport photos, and even VHS video transfers. So, I decided to look into everything the Costco photo centre has to offer. I found 11 great “hacks” that will help you save the most money and the most time at their photo centre.

Use the Costco app to upload things quickly

Instead of heading to Costco and using a Photo Center Kiosk to send photos, you can just download the Costco app and send photos from anywhere in the world to your Photo Center account. To use the Costco Photo Centre, you must sign in to your Costco account or create a new one after opening the app.

For this step, you will need your membership card. Then you can upload, modify, and crop your photos as well as choose where they go. The whole process is simple, and the application is easy to use.

Home Video Transfer Is a Great Buy

Have you accumulated valuable VHS home video recordings that are degrading with each passing year? It is time to unearth them, give them a light dusting, and have your local Costco photo centre transfer them to a digital medium that will preserve them forever. They will also convert Betamax, Hi-8, Digital8, DVCAM, and MiniDV in addition to VHS. They can also convert 8 mm and 16 mm film, as well as antique slides and printed images.

Turn off Auto Correct to get better pictures

In this Reddit post, a Costco employee said that the “Auto Correct” software is turned on by default and that it can badly distort your photos and even undo the changes you make. He says that you should turn it off first and then look at your photos in this mode. He also said that if you’re at a Costco Photo Centre kiosk and can’t seem to figure out how to turn it off, you must ask a technician for help.

Gallery of Art and Pictures You Can Buy

Gallery of Affordably priced (But High-Quality) Art & Photos says that the Costco Photo Centre has a large collection of art and images that you can look through by category and have printed in any size you want for your home.

Prices start at a fair $19.99 for the first 2 hours of conversions. The example from Reddit was a high-quality 20″ x 30″ print of Ko Hong Isle that cost ONLY $9.99. Using a coupon for 40% off, the original poster was then framed at Michaels. She paid only $40 for a beautiful framed print.

Profit from home delivery, especially for printed materials

Many people who use the Costco Photo Centre don’t know that you don’t have to go to the warehouse to get your photos or photo gifts. This is a no-brainer, particularly when ordering prints, since regular shipping to your home is free. Only if you order prints that are 11 x 14 inches or bigger will you have to pay for shipping.

You need a photo for a passport

You need a photo for a passport. The Costco Photo Centre will take and print 4 passport photos for $5.99. She also bought a print of a sea turtle that was 16 inches by 20 inches and cost $6.99.

In comparison to Shutterfly, Photo Gifts are a Much Better Option

When compared to prices offered by other online retailers such as Shutterfly, those offered by Costco for photo gifts are very reasonable and competitive. Both Snapfish and TinyPrints are available. With the use of a costco promo code, customers can receive discounts on items such as photo mugs for $8.99, photo books for $19.99, and personalised calendars starting at $9.89.

Cheaper than most private photo studios

Most independent photo studios are much more expensive than this one. The best part is that you can work on them while you shop and get them on your way out.

For the same reason, many pros print

In this interesting Reddit thread, a Costco worker said, “Many pros print with us for the same reason.” They think that the prints made by specialised photo shops have “bias.” Which makes sense. They’ve been taking pictures for years and have developed a style, while we’re just in Costco Photo Centre, lol. This makes sense, since professional photographers want their work to show, not what the developer “thinks” is their vision.

Images with copyrights get through the cracks

Photos with copyright are frequently lost. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I’ve been told that copyright protected images are rarely taken down unless an employee is paying attention to them.

It depends on the Costco store and the time of day, but I thought I should mention this. Surprisingly, a lot of professional photographers get their supplies from Costco. The pictures that come out of the Costco Photo Center are so good that many professional photographers use them instead of going to a separate photo shop. But the reason was interesting to me.

Most Centers No Longer Develop Old Footage

Most costco photo centre No Longer Develop Old Footage. As a result of the widespread use of digital photography around the world, film development at the majority of Costco locations is no longer profitable. On the other hand, if you’re more traditional and still require film developed. Then you can find the service at a wide variety of retail locations. The most well-known stores in the United States that continue to process film are Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

Fill up your printer’s ink cartridges while you’re here

Fill up your printer’s ink cartridges while you’re here. Depending on the brand, Costco can fill up empty ink cartridges for about $7 to $10. It keeps empty cartridges out of your local landfill and saves you a lot of cash compared to buying new ink.

Canon, HP, Inkjet, and Brother all make printers

At the moment, brands like HP, Canon, Inkjet, and Brother are supported. Just bring your empty cartridges back to the photo centre, and they will be restocked within an hour.

Costco may close soon, so utilise it now

Before it’s gone, use Costco’s photo service. In conclusion, many of the picture services offered by Costco have trouble turning a profit, with the bulk of them only managing to break even. Because of this, Costco has been forced to close a number of its locations across the country during the past few years. Takeaway? Make good use of them before you end up losing them.

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