The Primary Benefits of Elderberry Capsules

Elderberry is a dark purple berry that is considered one of nature’s “most versatile solutions.” Throughout history, humans have used elderberries for common ailments and, in more recent years, there are even elderberry capsules that also provide all of the potential benefits of this powerful fruit.

A Brief Look at the Elderberry Plant
There are roughly 30 types of elderberry plants. Elderberry plants can be found throughout the world, including temperate and subtropical regions like Australasia and South America, and throughout much of North America as well. You’ll often find them growing near farms, roadsides, and homesteads. The European version (known as Sambucus nigra) is the one that’s most commonly used in matters of health and wellness.

The use of elderberries dates back to 400 BC. Hippocrates, known as the Father of Medicine, called the elder tree a “medicine chest.” The benefits were clearly noticeable since elderberries are still revered today for their various healing properties. They are currently considered one of the world’s most healing plants and are still widely used in immune support supplements.

What are the specific benefits of elderberry capsules?
Elderberries are so commonly used for various health reasons that there are even studies to back up the claims. The most common use today is treating the common cold and flu, as well as for pain relief.

Elderberries have been used for hundreds of years to alleviate cold symptoms. In 2012, a study suggested elderberries could work to potentially prevent influenza by stimulating an immune response. Then in 2016, a study showed that people who used elderberry for 10 days before and five days after a flight had milder symptoms and 50% fewer sick days from a cold. In 2019, a study showed that elderberries greatly reduced upper airway symptoms for colds and flus.

When it comes to pain relief, elderberries are said to reduce inflammation. The anthocyanins in elderberries block nitric oxide production in your immune system. By slowing down inflammatory response, elderberries can lower swelling and the associated pain that comes with it.

Elderberry is used for:

● Dental pain
● Cuts
● Bruises
● Burns

Why use elderberry capsules?
The most common use for elderberry capsules is to give your immune system a boost. People often take elderberry capsules with them when they travel to avoid getting sick and reduce cold-like symptoms.

A double-blind placebo-controlled study showed that taking elderberries four times a day significantly decreased the duration of people’s colds and influenza-like symptoms. People who used elderberries consistently were only sick for two to four days instead of eight days. A second study showed that people who used elderberries recovered in two to three days instead of six days.

Using elderberries is also great for heart health. It’s been shown that these berries potentially reduce the risk of heart problems by lowering the total level of fat in the blood. If you have type-2 diabetes, consider adding elderberry capsules to your daily diet for added blood sugar management.

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