QZKCoin: The Beginning of the Next Future Currency

People like to talk about things that have become a center of attention for the whole world, Cryptocurrency today is the most hype subject in the whole world, and people want to explore it in depth so that they could have a good understanding of it.

What is QZKCoin?

QZKCoin is introduced to the market by Qazeek Pay, to fulfill the emerging need of Payment Gateway and Payment Management Services. QZKCoin is a form of cryptocurrency that will allow users from every corner of the world to make safe transactions directly with any mediator involved. The founder of the above project is Hafiz Nayyar Khurshid. He is an Asian Entrepreneur.

QZkCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which means you can directly exchange this currency with individuals as well as parties without involving any mediator, QZKCoin is built on Distributed System Architecture, which means that many people can have it without any restriction or limit.

QZKCoin is also aimed to provide awareness to the world so that people can change their perspectives about money and make smart choices about their future as well.

Cryptocurrency is simple to understand, it is a form of digital currency people use to buy products or services, they also use it to trade with the digital world.

Understanding the same concept and raising awareness about cryptocurrency, Qazeek Pay worked hard to launch its QZKCoin.

Before having your QZKCoin you want to know about it in depth like how QZKCoin is beneficial for us?

To answer this, we should start by knowing:

How QZKCoins are safe and secure to have?

Take a relaxing breath, we have everything you want to know, QZKCoins are safe as every transaction you make using this coin is being recorded permanently.

Also, the company that powered QZKCoins is registered in Pakistan and the United Kingdom and is listed on the Pancakeswap exchange as well as listed on CoinGecko.

People can store their QZKCoins in their QZKcoin Wallet and use them in performing other payment activities.

After knowing the safety of QZKCoins, You want to know the process of buying or selling it, right?

You can buy or sell QZKCoin using cryptocurrency exchanges like Pancakeswap you can buy or sell it for USDT or other cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned earlier, QZKCoin is introduced to satisfy the need for a Payment Gateway, you should know about the right concept of Payment Gateway.

Payment Gateway is a platform to collect payments it is more like an online e-commerce service that will allow you to make and receive payments from every corner of the world, it also allows you to approve transactions between traders and customers.

Benefits of QZKCoins

QZKCoins are running on DEX-Trade stage 2, stage 1 was a success, it sold more than 47% of coins, and QZKCoin’s price is currently low because of less awareness about it.

For the record, within the 40 days of its launching in the cryptocurrency, it is listed in the exchanges, so it’s a great opportunity for people to buy it now considering a wide future of successful investments.


Other benefits include

  • Safe and secure transactions around the globe.
  • Lower risk of inflation as the backbone of QZKCoin is Block-Chain which is not going to face its bottleneck anytime in the future and people will surely not lose their value of QZKCoins.
  • QZKCoins are also used to buy products or services online.
  • QZKCoins are also user-friendly, which means you don’t have to have any technical expertise to operate with them.


QZKCoin’s allocation is easy to understand considering the percentages, the Private Sales of QZKCoin so far are at 33%, and we have Locked it to a 24% to build up our investors’ confidence, and the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is utilized well to 22%. The Marketing percentage of QZKCoin is 8% which will be finely utilized in its influencer marketing and which in return will generate great revenue for us, and as far as the Development Team is concerned we have fixed the percentage to 5%. Whereas 3% is reserved for the Founder, and 3% is also reserved for Listing to make it list in several exchanges, last but not least 2% is reserved for Airdrops which we are likely to perform in the 3rd quarter and next one shortly.


For every successful business, its roadmap is considered to be of great importance, people want to know how successful is the company they are willing to pay for it. In the second quarter of 2021, we completed the Plan as well as the Development of QZKCoin with strong team effort, and not just its development we Launched it to the cryptocurrency market in the same quarter on 15th June 2021.

In the third quarter of 2021, we listed it successfully, in the Koinbazar exchange and Dex-Trade. We are also listed on CoinGecko which will be helpful for buyers and investors to access complete information about QZKCoin, now we are looking forward to enlisting it in the Coin Market Cap (CMP), and we are also, working to launch our Whitepaper of QZKCoin in the 3rd quarter.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, we are looking toward our enlisting in well-renowned exchanges like Indoex, P2PB2B, and several more. In the first quarter of 2022, we will utilize the next % of our Airdrop, and we have a strong faith in enlisting QZKCoin to many big exchanges of the world and we are working hard to make it accomplished.



The future outlook of QZKCoin is predicted to be very strong due to its low market Cap, and by raising awareness about it, people are likely to attract to it which will surely increase its value in the cryptocurrency field and people can have it as a necessary digital asset in their lives.


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