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Quest Warrior Witchwood: A Guide to Mastering the New Hearthstone Deck

Welcome to the realm of Hearthstone, where the most skilled and daring players rule supreme! Are you ready to embark on a new adventure with the latest addition to your arsenal? Look no further than Quest Warrior Witchwood, a powerful deck that will take your gameplay to new heights. With its strategic cards and unique abilities, this deck is sure to give you an edge in any match. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, our guide will show you how to master the Quest Warrior Witchwood deck like a true champion!

What is the Quest Warrior deck?

The Quest Warrior deck is a popular archetype in Hearthstone that revolves around completing the “Fire Plume’s Heart” quest. This requires players to play seven taunt minions, after which they receive Sulfuras, a legendary weapon that deals 8 damage to any target and grants the hero Ragnaros’ power.

The goal of this deck is to survive long enough with defensive cards and taunts until the quest is complete, then use Sulfuras and other powerful spells to deal heavy damage and control the board.

One advantage of this deck is its resilience against aggro decks due to its abundance of taunts. It also has strong synergy with cards like Stonehill Defender, which discovers additional taunt minions.

Despite its strengths, Quest Warrior can struggle against certain combo or control decks that disrupt its gameplan. Additionally, there are several tech choices available for players depending on their personal preferences and meta trends.

Mastering Quest Warrior Witchwood takes patience and practice but can be incredibly rewarding when executed correctly!

How to use the Quest Warrior deck

The Quest Warrior deck is a powerful and versatile Hearthstone deck that requires careful strategy and planning to use effectively. To make the most of this deck, it’s important to understand its strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to use each card in your hand.

One key aspect of using the Quest Warrior deck is knowing when to play your cards. It’s essential to have a solid understanding of the game board, including where your opponent’s minions are located and what spells they may be holding in their hand. By keeping track of these variables, you can more effectively plan out which cards to play at any given moment.

Another important factor is managing your resources wisely. This means rationing out your mana carefully so that you always have enough left over for key plays later on in the game. Additionally, it involves making smart trades with your minions so that you can maintain control over the board without sacrificing too much health or valuable resources along the way.

Ultimately, mastering the Quest Warrior deck takes practice and patience. By focusing on strategic gameplay and carefully considering each move before playing a card, you’ll soon find yourself winning matches with ease while enjoying all that this exciting Hearthstone deck has to offer!

The different cards in the Quest Warrior deck

The Quest Warrior deck is a popular choice among Hearthstone players due to its ability to effectively control the board while completing the quest and generating powerful minions. The deck’s key card is Sulfuras, which offers significant damage output and a powerful hero power.

Other important cards in this deck include Shield Slam, Bring It On!, and Dead Man’s Hand. These cards provide strong defensive options for controlling the board early in the game while allowing you to draw additional cards that can be used later on.

In addition to these core cards, there are several other useful tools at your disposal when playing this deck. Weapons like Blood Razor and Gorehowl help clear out enemy minions while also pushing damage onto your opponent’s face.

Another important tool is Stonehill Defender, which provides additional taunt minions that can absorb hits from enemy attackers while also helping complete your quest faster.

Brawl provides an excellent way of removing multiple enemy minions from play at once. This can give you much-needed breathing room if you’re struggling to keep up with aggressive decks or facing down overwhelming odds.

Using the right combination of these different cards will allow you to master the Quest Warrior deck and climb up through the ranks in Hearthstone!

Tips for using the Quest Warrior deck

To make the most out of your Quest Warrior deck, there are a few tips that can help you win games. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Prioritize completing your quest: The key to winning with this deck is to complete the “Fire Plume’s Heart” quest as soon as possible. Make sure you mulligan for cards that will help you achieve this, such as Eternium Rover and Shield Block.

2. Use your hero power wisely: Once you’ve completed your quest, each use of the hero power will summon a 4/3 elemental minion. Use it strategically by considering board control and potential trades.

3. Be mindful of card draw: Since this deck doesn’t have many card draw options, be careful not to overextend or waste resources unnecessarily.

4. Manage armor effectively: Armor is crucial in sustaining yourself against aggro decks or burst damage from opponents’ spells and minions. Don’t hesitate to use armor gain cards like Armorsmith or Brawl if needed.

5. Pay attention to opponent’s hand size: When facing a control deck, keep track of their hand size since they can potentially mill themselves when drawing too many cards while holding onto important ones.

By following these tips, mastering the Quest Warrior deck can become more manageable and lead you towards victory in Hearthstone matches!

How to beat the Quest Warrior deck

The Quest Warrior deck is a formidable opponent in Hearthstone, but it is not unbeatable. Here are some tips on how to take down this deck:

1. Pressure the Warrior early: The Quest Warrior deck requires time and resources to get its quest completed, so applying early pressure can throw off their game plan.

2. Focus on removing key minions: Cards like Stonehill Defender and Tar Creeper provide excellent defenses for the Quest Warrior. Remove these cards as soon as possible to weaken their board presence.

3. Control the board: If you let the Quest Warrior build a strong board, they will be able to overwhelm you with powerful taunt minions and weapons.

4. Play around Brawl: This AoE spell can wipe your entire board clean if you aren’t careful. Try not to overcommit too many minions at once, especially if one of them is particularly important to your strategy.

5. Use weapon removal: The Quest Warrior relies heavily on weapons like Supercollider and Blood Razor for both defense and offense. Removing these weapons can severely hamper their plans.

By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to take down even the most skilled players using the Quest Warrior deck!


The Quest Warrior deck is a powerful and versatile deck that can be used to dominate opponents in Hearthstone. By completing the Sulfuras quest, players can unlock a devastating hero power that deals eight damage each turn. This can quickly overwhelm opponents who are not prepared for such an onslaught.

To master the Quest Warrior deck, it’s important to understand how to use it effectively. This means knowing which cards to play at which times, as well as understanding how your opponent is likely to react.

While there are many different strategies you can use with this deck, some of the most effective include controlling the board with taunt minions and using weapons like Blood Razor and Sul’thraze to clear your opponent’s board.

Mastering the Quest Warrior deck takes time and practice. But with perseverance and dedication, you’ll soon find yourself winning more games than ever before!

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